What's a metal unresponsive yoyo for 35 or under


C3YoYoDesign Speedaholic. For $13.50 you can not beat it!

Yyf grid machine, counter attack, if you could go over by $4, the yyf protostar. Or you could get the c3 speedaholic or alpha crash

Just a reminder, 95% of the response, or lack of, is in the bearing. Clean the bearing and lube ever so lightly and your yoyo will be unresponsive. So find one that looks good to you and is the right color, and buy it. Adjust as needed.


MagicYoyo N12

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I have been thinking about the YoyoOfficer Kilter at 29.99 for my next throw.

$30 or 35, the answer’s still pretty much the same. No need for 2 topics on this. merged them together.

Duncan metal drifter.

yoyoofficer fit

This is definitely the one to get

If there’s any C3 tokens left they’re $28 and I’ve heard that their great. So much bang for buck there

Magicyoyo N12 for sure is your best choice along with the magicyoyo purpleline

only other choice would really be the recrev neaue

Also can buy used and that opens up a whole bunch of others

Oh yeah I got a N12 in a trade… It is awesome! It’s really big(a bit too big my tastes…) but it is really really stable and grinds great… And fingerspins!

It’s Duncan not yoyojam

You like love the shutter right? Well it’s stats are:
Diameter: 56mm
Width: 44.4 mm
Gap: 4.75 mm

MagicYoyo N12:
Diameter: 55 mm
Width: 44 mm
Width: 4.62
(Specs from a best buy)

It’s full sized just like the shutter except a lil smaller.

To the OP, N12 is a great choice. I’m getting another one next week. Was my first metal and I still come back to it. If you look hard enough, you can find some stores selling from the US. Shipping from China can take a while.
Hope I helped.

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Hmm… Y’ know what it is? I’ve been playing with my Aoda Littles so much that the N12 just feels gigantic. Oh and I think the string on my N12 is a bit shutter than usual.

I think it’s that and also because some throws just feel bigger/smaller the shape and how it rests in your hand.


most magic yoyos are metal you best be looking there for a metal yoyo.

MagicYoyo N12 ,T5 … I have both… I wasn’t disappointed.

Shinwoo Zen series… The specs are dang close to the T5 …