What throw can a intermediate buy if looking for a unresponsive metal

just doing some research for a paper on throwing :smiley:


Yeah, price-wise, you can’t do better than Magic Yoyo for an all metal unresponsive. Then you have Duncan Raptor and Echo, then YoyoFactory Shutter and Dv888. There are other metal yoyos for under $50, but these tend to be the ones I’ve seen most recommended to get your feet wet.

thanks guys my research is almost over ;D

Make it faster for some of us to read when asking questions.

You can buy whatever you can afford and/or want to get.

You can get a Magic YoYo T5 for as low as $10 shipped to your door.

All you need to know is:

If the yoyo addresses those two questions, well, then there ya go.

Warning: You’ll probably need to silicone it and clean and/or swap the bearing.

My first unresponsive metal was a Di Base 2. I think it’s a great alternative to the popular suggestion of the dv888