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Hey guys i have been out of the hardcore yo-yo game for 6+ years, the last good yo-yo i had was the Yoyojam Dark Magic 2 and i loved it, it was a recommendation from Yoshi from Team Yoyojam. i have since lost that yo-yo and want to start playing around again, i am sooooooo out of date of whats out there, i would prefer something around the $40-50 range with either a metal shell or full metal body, i dont think i can do unresponsive anymore, so a semi responsive would be great, does anyone have any suggestions?

I really love the one drop kracken and pool party banana hammock
Both are solid choices

they seem pretty good, im not trying to spend that much yet, not until i get back up to pace. i was looking at this dv888 from another post

That is a solid choice aswell

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Yo a diffusion 2 comes with responsive and unresponsive bearings. It is a plastic that can handle pretty much every trick you throw at it. And its got a reputation for being smooooth.

If you want metal, check out 44rpm surf and rhythm, although theyre both unresponsive. A one drop gauntlet might also be a good choice. The dv888 in my opinion is an outdated and pretty boring yoyo

im looking more into it and im am pretty confident i can do unresponsive so now i am looking at this sidekick

Definitely want to remove the link, links to other stores are not allowed on this forum, just so you are aware. I would highly recommend getting something through YYE, there are unresponsive metals in that price on here, the advantage being the great customer support YYE has. You’ll also get better quality control with YYE over some more generalized online retailers. Also supporting our small community is always nice :).

Ok, sorry. Didnt see that in the rules, ill have to find another forum then, ill see about deleting this when i get off mobile. I just try to find the cheapest prices. I dont really need supoort on my purchase, and as for quality control, most of these are massed produced and the same quality well be here or anywhere else i purchase the selected yoyo

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