Metal Throw

My dad’s friend wants a metal unresponsive yoyo. This is all the info I have. What should he get? BTW He is a beginner this is what he wants for example don’t say Get a … they are great RESPONSIVE PLASTICS he wants UNRESPONSIVE METALS.

then get more info

I’m sorry but I do not recommend metals for beginners.

Most anything will do. You make it unresponsive by cleaning the bearing. (And give it a light lube.)

Much less unresponsive.

love my yoyofactory yuuksta.
it’s unresponsive, light, undersized, h-shaped, stable, spins long time, acid colors, smooth, fundametal price ($65), might still come with center trac bearing (good at centering the string for new yoyo-ers)
Some say center trac is a crutch, but some also say it’s their favorite bearing: preference

If I were to fill in the blank, my guess would be:
“Don’t get (yomega), they are great responsive…” I’ve tried cleaning the bearing and siliconing my yomegas, but they remains responsive.

See if your dad’s friend wants a large, medium, or small size and weight, with or without hubstacks,
and pick a shape: H, regular wing, curved wing


I don’t recommend a metal at all but if he must get a metal get him a bassboost it’s a great cheap throw

They’re sold out. Yoyoexpert will be carrying them soon so watch out for them on YYE.

speed dial.

When is the bassboost coming to yye

Keep your eyes open.
I think YYE bought Mike out of stock.

The RecRev No.9 and Electric Daisy are another good choice and they are on stock.

seriously guys, speed dial, it can be unresponsive or responsive, AND, it has rubber rims to avoid most dings.