yyf onestar or yyj surge?


Which yoyo do all of you prefer. :slight_smile:


i dont own a surge, but i have a blue onestar. the one star looks really cool in blue, kinda like marble… it is kinda light, but it isnt a big issue for me. if you try to push it fast, it will tilt and die… it has pretty long spin times and is an all around good yoyo, i have been playing it more these past couple days. it is a little loud, comes with a normal 8 ball flat bearing. you can take out the caps that say “onestar”, but i think it looks better with them in, and there hard to put back in. what i like to do, is to take out the caps and out, and put them in backwards, so its just a white cap, i think it looks cool :P.

its a very good yoyo.


Thanks for the info! :smiley:


owning both I lean more towards the surge. this is all on a preference point, but that doesn’t mean in the least bit the one star is a bad choice i just got the short end of the stick and mine has a bad vibe that won’t tune out. and with the surge the true downsize is the smaller gap compared to the onestar. and the shapes are very different with the surge being organic and the onestar being more of a (butterfly shape?)(hard to tell in my eyes). either way if you pick either they are amazing preforming plastics that I pick over most of my high ends at times.


So many threads about onestar and surge.
Just get a surge.


No you get surge+____, and love both


The surge I tried both before I got one and I like the surge way better.