First Review in 4 years: YOYOFACTORY PAUL HAN OneStar.


After a year or so away from the community and from yoyoing itself, I was able to jump back in due to life finally slowing a tad. I decided, just for kicks, that I should get a new twirler.

I (on a whim mind you) decided to pick up the Yoyofactory Onestar.


I adored the protostar, and was in awe of the northstar, with the only downfalls being the price along with the structural problems and the M!@#%!@#%^& spacers.

The onestar steals the design of the previous Star’s with some MAJOR plus’s.


Has the same weight, shape, AND size. No weird caps to have to deal with, no thin walls to crack, AND it takes the slight texture that was on the orange northstar.

This thing not only reps a wonderful spec sheet, it plays ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Great weight distro makes for amazing stability and great spin-times.

And here, HERE is the best part

$15 dollars!

Get a couple, right now, in all of the vibrant pink with zebra cap glory.


hope I can stay awhile.



I agree with everything you said. The Onestar is an excellent yoyo


I’ve wanted to try a Onestar since it came out but I don’t have the money to buy it, and no-one at my yoyo club has it, (or at least that I know of). Someone should let me borrow theirs… :wink:


You’re alive! Haven’t seen you in a long time! The One Star is a good yoyo, but it kinda disappointed me. I expected it to be a bit smoother, and the bearing won’t spin when it’s screwed too tightly together.


My brother had a problem like that. He liked mine so much that he ordered his own, but when it came it had a huge amount of vibe and wobble. We emailed Yoyoexpert and they said to fix the problem we could try fully tightening the yoyo and then uncscrew it about a quarter of it’s diameter. That actually seemed to work pretty well.


Are you talking to me (about me being alive)? Also, I’ve been on many different topics lately so idk why you say that.


I agree, it’s a great yoyo, the only downfall being its color.


I agree with that downfall, but I was told they were going to make it in different colors too, pretty soon enough, so I’ll wait.


No not you :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok thanks for letting me know that I’m not alive??? IM A ZOMBIE!!


Glad you liked it.

New colors in store any day.


I was thinking that the couler isn’t as hot as u think it is and instead of pink have purple or orange




For the first few months it was great my favorite throw but it is not durable and the axle will strip the threads on the yoyo after heavy use

(Jei Cheetah) #15

Thats a downfall?
The colors are the whole reason I bought 4! ^ ^


The Surge is really better in my opinion.

Maybe that’s because I like heavier plastic throws.

If anyone finds a way to put weight rings in this to make it 64-65 grams, that would be grand :slight_smile:


S-S-S-SEMI NECRO! But it’s okay, at least you had something to contribute. :smiley: