YoyoFactory Onestar

The newest Yoyofactory Plastic Yo-yo, the Onestar.

Is it worth the 14.99? Decide after reading this review.


Diameter: 55.25 mm / 2.18 inches
Width: 43.5 mm / 1.71 inches
Weight: 62.2 grams
Bearing Size: CBC SPEC Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD


I purchased this yoyo at Ohio States. It comes mostly sealed up in Cardboard that I could actually just rip up and throw right in the trash. Then inside the cardboard was a little plastic compartment that held the yoyo. I threw it in the trash Immediately, so I have no available pics. I managed to find a pretty good picture of the box.


This yoyo has a profile Identical to the Protostar. But the axle system and material is the same as the ONE. I wanted a white or green one, but then I saw a red one and really liked the way it looked. The coloring is nice, and says Onestar on the caps. I think it looks alright. They could have done a better job at making the caps cover the little nub that holds the axle / nut. Overall it looks pretty nice.

Even though this yoyo has “Star” in it’s name, all it is is just a Yoyofactory ONE with a different profile. Nothing internally has changed from the ONE. It has a full plastic body, and there’s no metal besides the axle system and bearing. It does have 19mm response, and a Spec bearing which is surprisingly quiet compared to many other Yoyofactory bearings.



It’s really not very surprising how this thing plays. It really feels much like the Yoyofactory ONE, just maybe a bit more heavy, but a seriously different profile. Although very light, it doesn’t move as fast as expected (It can easily lose pace or control). It is not the most stable yoyo out there. It plays very light but actually quite solid for the weight it has. My Yoyojam Lyn Fury actually feels much lighter and floatier than this yoyo, to my surprise. I sometimes find it leaning to one side during faster tricks. I have heard many complaints about intense pulsating vibe, but mine doesn’t have too much vibe except for on grinds. It does snag from time to time, but I haven’t had much of a problem in that department. It’s definitely plays better than the Whip or ONE in my opinion. I do actually feel that the Protostar can go at a faster pace without losing control in comparison to this yoyo. The Protostar carries momentum smoothly compared to the onestar.

Here are a few Comparison Pictures. The Yoyo on the left is a Lyn Fury, the other yoyo is a Onedrop Rally.



I found this yoyo more fun than anything. It’s really nice to have in your collection as a Backup or something to mess around with, but I found that there are far better options in this Price range such as the Surge by Yoyojam or the Adegle PSG. Although, I am sure a there is a way to go to Lowes and find rubber O-Rings that you can put under the caps to add weight, I have been looking to do that.

Also note that the WBD version of this is about 1 gram heavier. Yoyofactory could actually consider making heavier caps, that would make me happy to see.

Really fun yoyo, but really isn’t much of a step up from many other throws in the Price range. Although I found this to be a more stable and long spinning alternative to the Whip or ONE.

I can confidently give this yoyo an 8/10 for the price.

Thanks for reading my review!

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if you get the pink or green paul han version it comes with a grooved bearing which is $8 by itself

I feel that the Onestar plays WORLDS better than the One…

Good review, and thanks for adding pictures. I hate reading reviews without pictures, they’re just so bland.

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Well this yoyo is slightly heavier giving the illusion that it’s better.

Any trick I can do on the One I can do on this.

I had an original ONE and to me it was very unstable especially compared to my ONESTAR. But maybe it was just because I had an original ONE

Yeah the old ONEs were really unstable.

I actually felt the old ONEs were more stable than the new ONEs.
Boy, I’m really going against popular opinion today. :smiley:

The older version of the Yoyofactory ONE actually plays similar to the Lyn Fury, but much lighter.

I feel that these plastic yoyos that weigh like 55g go too fast and I find myself losing control of the yoyo itself.

Very informative I love it.

Thanks, but you really need to try this to understand how it plays.

I always try to describe how a yoyo plays through text as best I can though.