YYF One Star Review

A little background:
As you know from the other thread I started about what I thought to be a new YYF One, YYF unveiled one of its first 2013 throws to the public and were available for purchase this past weekend (5.26.12) at the Bay Area Classic contest. I like to think of it as a ‘soft release’ as well as a ‘beta test’ or ‘test market.’ In that sense, I feel it is appropriate to give some feedback on how it plays. The One Star (OS) is a mashup of the YYF One and Protostar. It has the profile of a Protostar while the faces of it have the plastic pogs much like a One. It does not have the rings like a Protostar has.

Weight: ~65 grams
Width: 43mm
Diameter: 55mm
Material: Acetal
Colors: Only available in white for the time being.
Bearing: YYF Spec C-sized
Response: Standard YYF response

Looks and Feel:
I immediately took note as to how silky it was and realized it wasn’t polycarb like I initially assumed it was going to be. While feeling on the lighter side of things, it felt like there was some body to it.
Next day, when throwing I had several people tell me that that yoyo looks pretty sweet, liking the milky white plastic it has.

Holding it is pretty comfy and since this shape has been proven successful with the *Star yoyos, there’s no need to change it up for this mashup.

Love at First Throw:
Making way to the YYF booth I was greeted to a cardboard box full of these white yoyos. Naturally, I ask to try one out and was given the OK. I was amazed at how smooth a $15 plastic was spinning. After trying out a couple tricks and also picking up a B-grade, I quickly exchanged the cash for the goods.

Now, let’s take it out to an open walkway where it isn’t so crowded. This is definitely a fast yoyo! While stable, it is pretty light and easy on the string. I’ve never seen myself do a Roller Coaster so quick like I did. I do wish there was just a bit more meat to it since I usually tend to favor 67-70 gram yoyos but for what it is, it feels pretty good. Unfortunately, there isn’t really any space under the cap to add a bit more of weight without adding some center weight. Spin times are pretty decent.

Now let’s try grinding this since it feels so buttery! Yup, just glided right across my arm with no slowdown. It also remained perched on my finger like a bead-blasted metal without losing too much spin.

I’m not sure what it is about YYFs but for some reason, they don’t seem to have that grab and often tend to slip requiring me to bind a few times. Maybe the pads need to be broken in or something as I’ve also had this happen on my PGM. I notice it much less on my Popsar and Avant Garde for some reason. With some work I’m still able to get them to come back up but doesn’t seem to have the same grab that my YYJ’s have.

For the price I paid for it, I was very well impressed! While it isn’t perfect, it is definitely worthy having in your collection and a good pocket/go-to yo. Actually, when at the contest, my brother wasn’t really interested in it when I offered to buy him one. About 20 minutes in, I told him to try it out when he fell in love with it. After we got back from lunch, we headed straight to the YYF booth and picked one up for him.

I’m curious as to what others think about this yoyo. I honestly love it. I wouldn’t mind seeing more reviews on this. Thanks for reading!

*Specs are based on what I heard others say on the forums and/or what I measured.


Great review! How do you think it could be improved though, if it needed improvement? After all, it is (most likely) a beta/testing version.

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Great review. Just a question, is the axle a nut and bolt set up? And is the bearing seat solid?

Thanks now I want the One-Star so bad!

Looks like they finally got rid of those stupid spacers. Great move.

Yes, those metal spacers were a pain to remove and since they’re aluminum, they ding easy when you try using something between the spacer and bearing to pry it off. Im also glad that the One Star’s bearing seat is molded into the half.

Yes, but sometimes a plastic bearing seat can also be a pain.

The YYF ONE and the Whip also has plastic bearing seats. I have used both, and I found that a bearing is better when it is “sitting” on a metal surface. It’s just a little bit better in my preference.

^Which probably explains YYJ’s patented Solid Spin setup. While I don’t see my OS cracking anytime soon, I can see a metal bearing seat (built into the yoyo) being a benefit. Even if YYF went with the metal spacers like previous but were loose-fitting like a Duncan’s spacers…would make life so much easier!

Loose fitting spacers would provide unnecessary wobble. I got to throw a few of these at BAC, it is freakishly smooth for a plastic, and considering the price, it would be so easy to replace if you messed up the plastic bearing seat. IMO YoYoFactory really stepped up their game in the cheaply priced yoyo department with this one. I hope they end up retailing for the same price that they sold for at BAC!


Mine has a slight vibe, no worse than any of my other plastics, but I do agree that for $15 you would have trouble finding a better yoyo.

What about the Adegle plastics?

The psg is about the same in my opinion and I haven’t played with the asteroid. I wouldn’t call any of them better than each other they all have their pros and cons. Like the one star has a much better grinding surface and I think the psg is a bit more stable but slightly slower. So its what ever one fits your preferance more. So far its the one star for me.

Thanks for the review. I kinda regret not picking up a One Star at BAC.

Me too!


So will these be available at places like Yoyoexpert eventually or were they a BAC exclusive? It sounds like you think they will make it to stores but I couldn’t completely tell.

YYF’s shooting for a January 2013 release.


Great, well written review!

Question, though - does anyone know how it compares to the StarLite? They both seemed to essentially be the -star shape without metal weight rings.

nice reveiw

Can I have. It