New YYF One?

Just posted from YYF’s Facebook a little bit ago, will be available tomorrow at the BAC event:
It’s labeled as a One but isn’t very One-like…has more of a shape of a Protostar. I don’t know the specs yet. Also, I’m sure this thing’s probably polycarb but it kind of has that milky smooth look of a delrin or celcon. Not sure if these were posted elsewhere before or if this is the first showing off of these.

At a $15 price, I’m sure I’ll probably grab one of these tomorrow and will probably post later in the day/once I’ve test driven it.

Right now, I’m extremely curious about the specs which have yet to be posted (I asked, waiting, most likely find out tomorrow).

That’s part of YYF’s 2013 catalog, actually. YYF stated that they’ll mix two products together and create a mashup-yoyo. This ONE/Protostar mix is their first release of these kinds of yoyos.

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I need 1. And 5 more. Cause I just love the shape. That and Triggers are on m list.

I like the look of it im gonna call it the one-star

That’s what’s it’s actually called :]

I might have to pick up some of these at BAC. I’ll have 2 of my kids with me and they’ll probably want them as well as I.

That looks really cool. Too bad I can’t go to BAC (I live wayyy to far away). Will it only be availible there?

For the moment I believe.

I like it. I’d like one too.

Looks neat.

Got one, this thing is SICK! Very smooth, grinds like butter, very stable and fast! If you are at BAC get one NOW!!!

What’s it made of?

Could someone pick one up at BAC for me and I’ll pay you for it? It looks realllllly cool. If you want to PM me.

Yyf told me its made of a Delrin-like plastic. I treated my brother to one, will post review later… On BART heading back to the east bay now, tired and dirty from dust blowing up.

Update, as a first impression, non full-on review.

As you know it’s a mashup of the One and Protostar and made out of the new material, being a delrin-like plastic. These aren’t machined, just molded. My first throw before purchasing, I was amazed and was wondering if I was throwing a plastic or a metal. Yes, it’s that smooth! So I quickly handed over my money and I was a happy yoyoer.

I still don’t know the specs on it but it feels slightly undersized (which I like undersized to fullsized throws). It has some meat to it, feels like it could be about 65 grams or so. It is however very fast and pretty stable. The slick plastic makes this actually grind better than…the Grind Machine! Actually, I’d love to see YYF take the PGM back to the drawing board and use this material. It actually felt like some of the C3 Halo yoyos I was looking at later in the day. Sadly, I didn’t test drive the Halo to comare but I’m happy with my ‘beta test’ purchase.

Then a sad-ish moment…the yoyo that began to grow on me, the yoyo that got its love marks parted with me as I traded off to someone who had no cash (they really wanted this one). Happy with my trade, I was a little sad to see it go so I bopped back over to the YYF table to pick up another.

If there are anymore yoyo events going on across the country, I would highly recommend picking up one of these if they’re available. They were actually a pretty big hit today as I saw players everywhere using them…and that definitely means something!

Got one at BAC, along with some other stuff. Haven’t had a chance to play anything I got at BAC yet. Let’s see what Sunday has in store for me.

Is there a chance that this yo-yo might be made out of celcon?

Just found my new 3a pair

Delrin like plastic that’s molded? Celcon.


Acetal… That’s the word I was looking for! Couldn’t remember the name yesterday with all the noise and action going on but acetal sounds right since delrin is machined and celcon is molded. Both plastics are scientificly known as acetal.