Champions Collection #3

I saw that the new champions collection is dropping this week according to the YYF FB page and I was wondering if anybody know what’s it besides Ann Connolly Bubble Gum Whip and I think Richochet an will the OneStar be dropping at the same time (new packaging ones)

I hope the Whip has CT bearing again… :wink:

I don’t know if I want to wait until this new set drops, or just to get the delrin severe now. YOYO BUYING IS TAKING OVER MY LIFE, I DON’T EVEN NEED ANY OF THEM


Gacek ONE
ANn WHiP #2
Shu 1080 new colors
Czm8 4 vk
A new color Paul Han ONEstar

  • Severe restock

This will roll out a little more gradually than wave 1 and 2 and there will be a couple more mid April

What’s the yoyo that’s going to be the middle priced performer like the Delrin Severe that cam out in the second wave?

Sticking with severe right now. It sold through and is earning a good name and we want to continue to promote it, so we just made more to meet what we feel is a deserved demand.


thanks Ben! I may have to pick up a OneStar :slight_smile:

Pretty cool Ben!

Gacek ONE - This looks like White/black marble and has thin C bearing and includes CT. Nice!
ANn WHiP #2 - Pink bublegum? :smiley:
Shu 1080 new colors - Solid White and Yellow AFAIK.
Czm8 4 vk - Only saw in pink. More colors?
A new color Paul Han ONEstar - No clue about this one. ;D

Blue Acid Wash I believe, green, white.

Acid wash on delrin? ???

Something like that.

Onestar isnt delrin, I believe its polycarbonate

Marble, my fault.


My fault on that one. :smiley:

Might have to buy a Marble and a white OneStar :slight_smile:

I think I will get two as well, both marble, for 3a.

I’ve always wanted try 3a now there’s an affordable yoyo that I can also take with me everywhere for 1a.and I wonder if the new G5 will come out in April…

I’ve looked all over YYF’s Facebook but can’t find any pictures of their new collection, save for the new Whip. Anyone have a link to pics? Thanks!

The onestar is a great yoyo for the price. almost better than protostar. Good thing there’s new colors, cuz that’s the only thing making me dislike them right now. Sorry, pink and zebra just don’t go with me.

Haha ya I would have already bought one but pink with zebra stripes… I wonder if there will be a green marble mmmm half blue half green marble…