Paul Han OneStar

Who is getting a OneStar? I want one ::).


I would get one, but I hate that color with the zebra stripes. I like the regular white one like they gave out at BAC better.

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Yes that zebra color is awful for me. Once they make more with the white they had before they got released, I will purchase one. Making a new release with pink and zebra, when the yoyoing community is 95% male, confuses me.

They had them at my yoyo club.(JD’s store.)

Pink is a manly color.


i love pink…

You are very manly then.

Why thank you!

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Tried one out at VA state definitely worth your bang for your buck. It is real smooth i swear it’s indestructible.

hahaha I thought associating colors to genders was 20th century. I prefer the pink with zebra stripes; it has more more personality.

Can someone compare it to a PSG?

It is faster and smoother than the PSG.

Don’t gotta be female to like pink you know… What’s wrong with pink? I love pink!

Nah you don’t have to be female! Just not for me, maybe because I am a tad older than you guys

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Come on don’t be so insecure. It IS hot pink. So it’s hot.

i dont mind pink… but the pink and zebra together just looks ugly IMO. I hope they make other colors

I’m going to beg and plead for it!!!

I picked one up on the Yoyofactory west coast tour last summer. Great throw, my favorite out of all the Star yoyos.

It is ugly.

May pick one up soon. The pink is fine but I think the zebra caps are hideous. Maybe it’ll grow on me. Or maybe I’ll procrastinate on getting one long enough for different colors to come out. Either way would work.