Will you get a OneStar, even tho they dont have Center Trac bearings like the CC

I was disappointed that the new colors came out and they didnt have center tracs like the Paul Han CC edition did. Now i might not get one, WILL YOU?

Have you actually SNIFFED the bearing to confirm this?

Note that a great many people believe flat bearings are better and might be annoyed that companies keep throwing profiled bearings in there. :wink: It’s all about perspective.

You should have purchased the Paul Han version.

Sometimes we miss chances in life. Relax, in the great scheme of things it’s nothing. :wink:

But why do they put it at the same price with a cheaper bearing? And why aren’t the caps clear with the black star? And why is the Blue Marble barely marble at all?

I fail to see how this is cheating.

Good thing there are still 271 in stock…

Blue looks pretty darn marble to me.

They kept it the same price for better margins and for it to be competitive in the 10-25 dollar yoyo market.

Did they ever say that the black would come with clear caps?

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I wanted Green and White. I would get the PH version but its pink, and that’s not my thing.

Are you, sir, copping to being a rosophobe?

Put cheaper bearings in to get more money. Since the PH version is limited and it looks like the regular is going to be around for quite some time. Maybe it’s more like Misleading. I thought a Center Trac was In it until I looked and cancelled plans for 2.

No, but the first runs and pictures showed the clear with black.

Early runs and final production runs of yoyos usually end up being different.  As for the bearing issue, the champions editions of YYF throws have always had a free center trac upgrade (the WHiP for example).

In an earlier Onestar thread, Ben did say that regular Onestars would be same price and flat bearing. So they didn’t mislead us.

Look at the PH version picture. It has a SPEC in it. YYF is not cheating anybody. They put center traks in all of there throws in the champion collections.

I was going to buy 2 ONEStars but without the Centertrac I don’t think I will anymore :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, not all the CHampions Editions have a CenterTrac. The Loop1080’s and the Loop808’s do not, but those would be the wrong ones to put center tracks in.

The Equilateral came with a CenterTrac installed and a flat in the package. Odd. The SPEC bearing didn’t pass my minimum criteria though.

Regardless if the ONESTar does or doesn’t, it’s still a very fun and enjoyable yoyo. I have no idea if the one I got at BAC 2013 has a Centertrac in it. I’m too busy enjoying playing it to worry about the bearing. Fun first!

Neither does the Roll Model. So your theory is not true.

Don’t think I’d ever let the stock bearing determine whether or not I’d buy a throw. Just means that I wouldn’t buy the One Star for the sake of cannibalising the CT bearing and giving it away as a beginner throw.


For me, if I don’t like the bearing, I’ll just change it out. If I don’t like the yoyo, the bearing usually won’t make a difference to me.

There’s been very few yoyos I haven’t liked the stock bearing in. However, the TI5 and Burnside with Trifectas I’ve found to be a perfect match. I like the Terrapin X Wing Cut steel in my DM2’s. I like a KK in my Meteor, Speeder 2 and Dynasty. I didn’t like the stock bearing in my JetSet so I swapped it for a 10Ball.

I like my YYF’s the way they ship for the most part. Really, I can’t see any reason to change the bearing. With my kid’s G-Funk, that bearing was crap so I swapped that for a Buddha Dimple. Is this a dig on YYF or the yoyo? Nope. I chalk that up to YYF makes so many bearings that sometimes a bad one gets through. Big deal. That’s why I have lots of extra bearings.

I dislike CTs, so one more reason to get one.

That’s only because Steve Brown is a boss like that and doesn’t need any special enhancements for his already amazing play :wink: Steve Brown IS Center Trac out of the box womb! ;D

Thats right. But someone where said that all the champs collections come with CT, but they don’t.