Professional Players: Flat Bearings vs. String Centering Bearings POLL!!

This is always a debated topic and I am curious what the community’s opinion is on this. For competition use, what type of bearing have you seen professional players use? Flat bearings, or string centering bearings?

I’m Not a pro or a competition player.

So I’ll pass on voting.

But for me it depends on my yoyo some I love a flat bearing in (my majesty and supernova and a few others) and others I enjoy a profiled bearing in (Rally, Yeti, token, lesula, and others).

I find each yoyo likes a different bearing at least for me.


I’m not technically a pro, but I’m a higher ranked player. I tend to prefer a profiled bearing… Something like a CT. However, OD 10 balls throw this preference out the window because I love them so much. Really I can use either and do just fine.


I use legitimate Dif-E-Yo konkave bearings in almost all of my yoyos.

For me there is a real, noticeable difference in both spin time and stability.


I’m not a professional so I didn’t vote either but use ceramic KonKave bearings in my two remaining unresponsive yoyos with bearings. Very noticeable difference in performance and don’t like or use flat bearings very often.

The rest of my yoyos use a fixed wooden axle.

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Not a pro, but I’m going to chime in anyway. :slight_smile:

Personally, I don’t really like centering bearings in general. They tend to bunch up strings after many layers, and seem to offer similar performance to flat bearings at an increased price. I usually have either a General Yo AIGR or One Drop 10 Ball in most of my yoyos.

I do, however, like centering bearings in certain throws, namely ones with pad responses, or some of my General Yo’s. For example, I like keeping a KK in my Ministar–I feel that the centering properties help keep the string from rubbing up against the pads too much (although I believe this rubbing action is my technique).

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I hardly ever put any thought into what bearing I’m using. I prefer the quiet ones.


Not a pro by any means but I prefer String Centering bearings in most if not all my throws.

My two favorites are the normal CenterTracks or the legit KonKave.

I’m currently just playing CTX in everything.
String centering ones seem more important on the wider gapped throws.

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String Centering beatings all the way, ripples and KKs is wher its at ;D

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I’m not a pro. If I was I would consider using a CT or something similar for competition as I do feel there is generally a slight improvement in performance (might be larger if I was a better player). Since I’m not a pro I go with the bearing that gives me the most enjoyment while throwing in the comfort of my own home which is the bearing that plays phenomenally without an unholy noise that I can never seem to get rid of which is typically a 10ball.

The only thing that makes me care about my bearing is the responsiveness. No, I don’t mean I need to clean my bearings, but some yoyos just need a different bearing to match your preferences. For me, the Werrd Poo played too unresponsive even with thicker strings I had. By changing the stock flat bearing to a generic concave bearing, I got it to play wonderfully. The bearing simply plays a role in the entire setup you have: string, response, bearing.

Do keep in mind that some yoyos were designed with a concave bearing in mind. Many RecRevs today come with Buddha Bearing Ripples, if not all of them. The Deadly Spins Wrath also came with a Trifecta bearing.

I’m not a professional so I’m not gonna vote…

But if I had to answer the primary question here… my answer would be: shrug

Makes no difference to me one way or another. I can’t even keep track of what bearings are in what yoyo’s, sometimes I’ll open up a yoyo and it’ll have a KK when I thought it had a 10 ball, or visa versa… kinda makes you realize that it doesn’t matter all that much.

All I care about is the bearing being clean

I’m not a pro, but I’ve played enough to realize what you need to be able to pull off high-level tricks and I can say this. True string centering bearings like a Konkave or CT center the string great, but cause too many problems with suicides, slippy binds, and snagging when multiple layers are wrapped around the bearing. Flat bearings cause you to lose too much spin unless you’re amazing at keeping the string centered. If I were to compete, I would use a Terrapin X Wing cut. I have an 8 ball ceramic wing terrapin and I love it, so I bought a newer 10 ball steel Terrapin Wing cut bearing. It turns out that the cut in the newer 10 ball versions of the Wing Cut Terrapins are wider than what it was with the 8 balls which makes it look like there is no dip at all. In my 8 ball ceramic I can clearly see the dip, because it is a more narrow cut and centers the string a better. I believe that anybody who likes flat bearings would love the new Terrapin Wing Cuts, and anybody who likes grooved bearings would love the old 8 ball Terrapins. Both are awesome. I’ve tried every type of bearing there is to try (except gold plated), and I can say that Terrapin Wing Cuts are all I will use from here on out.


Center Tracs make the yoyo spin longer and more stable. Downside is that the yoyo doesn’t bind as tight at low speeds.

KK bearings do all of the above but they tend to stack the strings on top of each other instead of beside each other like Center Tracs do.

IMO it helps but it is truly not that big of a deal until you get to a level were you are yoyoing very fast and going for 30 plus second combos.

Haha, nope

Little bit


I’ve noticed it, but it doesn’t really happen that often.

It’s not really the speed, but the number of layers of string.

Glad you like them.
The new TX 10 ball have smaller balls so the outer race is thicker, this allows the groove to be cut a bit deeper and wider. It lets the string move more freely as layers are added yet the layers of string holding the most weight seek center. Deep grooved bearings are only in balance when hanging from the attach loop. I do not refer to TX wing cuts as string centering, they are center assist and require a decent throw.
Thanks for the nice words…

they create less friction on the sides making the yoyo slow down less. So the yoyo will end up spinning longer on a centering bearing…

It’s actually really noticeable on wider gapped yoyos, they start to turn to the side really fast when the string is on one side.

technically correct if you are using the same pad setup for your flats and centering bearings.
You can get away with using grippier pads on a string centering bearing since it wont grab the sides as much, creating less snags in tricks and you’ll still get great binds.

It’s both… Going to fast will result in a lot of or even more spin loss…

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What Palli and JonRob said.

When I’m in a competition, I want as long of combos per throw as I can get. A CT or other centering bearing helps significantly on 30+ second combos.

All in all… It depends on the mood I’m in if I’m not competing though… I like it all and am anything but picky.

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