Professional Players: Flat Bearings vs. String Centering Bearings POLL!!

I’m not a pro, but flat bearings for life.


I love how right below your name it say… Professional :smiley:

OK so when you say you are a “pro” who are you sponsored by and what did you win.
Just wondering about the worth of the replies…


i understand the advantages of kk/ct/etc, and there are some yo-yo’s that really seem to perform better with string-centering, but i’ve never liked the feeling. kk’s in particular tend to have weird properties when the string is layered - just as the curve moves the string away from the response, it forces it INTO other segments in the middle (not bad, but to me it feels weird). ct’s are better, but flat’s all i need. granted, i also really love playing fixed axle and with thin half-spec bearings, so take my perspective for what it’s worth.

Paul Dang is one drop
Jon Rob is yoyofactory

Palli is CLYW

Adam Brewster is CLYW

I could be wrong but I think that’s how it is

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There are no words…


What about you… What have you won?


It seems there were some misunderstandings. :-\ The poll was about “professionals.” Some people did the right thing and responded after stating that they were not professionals, to give people reading the ability to put the responses in context.

Point of confusion #1:
Some people responded without stating whether or not they were a professional.

Point of confusion #2:
There are a few professionals who responded, who have not been labeled “professional” under their name. So, anyone who does not follow players, might have no clue that they are indeed professionals.

Point of confusion #3:
Many of us reading this might wonder how you could possibly not know who the pro players are. :-\

Point of confusion #4:
It appears someone who may not be a professional (we are not sure, because he didn’t say), disagreed with someone who is a professional (it is not indicated under his name, but I’m sure he is).

While I was not confused, I can understand why someone else might be, if they do not follow the forum personalities and the pro players. I think that is what just happened here. Just making an effort to clear it up, if possible, and potentially help get the thread back on track.

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You don’t need to most expensive concave bearing in the world, a good old flat one will do. Did you see Josh’s video on that? here, let me pull it up. He does a freestyle with a flat bearing, no concaveness required.

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From Czech Republic, Petr Kavka, Vashek, Matous Tomes, Korda and most of time Tomas Bubak and Axl use centering bearings. Kentaro Kimura uses mostly Di-eyo konkave, David Molnar use konkave, Augie uses Centracs. Not sure what Hank Freeman uses, will ask him this week.

Last year before worlds Mickey posted instagram picture titled"preparing for worlds" On picture was few Anglams and small pile of konkave bearings.

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turtleyo: nobody would state that you “need” centering bearings. The question is simply, what do the pros and competitors prefer given a choice (as a statistic… it’s self-evident that it’s case-by-case, not “all pros prefer ____”), and why?

I tended towards string centering bearings when I was competing.

A few questions for all you guys, or at least most of you, lol.

My questions do not Prove or justify the use or even, existence of anything other than flat bearings.

But may be something to : consider, ponder, rationalize, or puzzle you.

My questions will most certainly make a few of you, come up with various interesting or unusual responses that may be either: meaningful or imcredibly useless and/or abstract.

We will soon find out. On to the questions.

Carlo recently released what he feels is the Culmination of all he has learned about making yoyos; the Oxy Hyperion. A 500 dollar Titanium yoyo<<< stock with KonKave bearing. < What was he thinking?

Yoyorecreation, just the name makes many people think, ‘High Performance’ yoyos. All metal Yoyorecreation yoyos come stock with KonKave Bearings. < most interesting?

RecRev, Deadly Spins, and several other yoyo makers< some sort of non flat/grooved type bearing<why bother?

CLYW, now using Centertracs, reason being?

Difeo selling enough bearings, he doesn’t even have to make yoyos anymore< the same guy isn’t buying all of them, ya think?

… So if a Pro jumps into this thread and you don’t like his answer, then he has to justify how much of a Pro he is? I’m guessing only really Pro Pros that have real Supa Pro credentials can speak and given credit for having a thought?

Someone with No Rating whatsoever can just post and Challenge jonrob? A guy that has Deep Skills and Knowledge in Yoing?

Personally, I think most bearings available today, have some useful advantages, under various conditions.

To talk smack about ‘curves’ because you prefer ‘flats’ is pure silliness. Turn it around, same result.

It all boils down to what you need or what you are looking for, for your particular Application(s).

… Mickey has won a whole lot of Contests. And in the ones he didn’t win, he usually places second or third. He uses KK bearings. Huh?

And no doubt a lot of Contests are won by players using Flat bearings.

Actually guys that Win yoyo Contests can pretty much Win borrowing a few yoyos from the audience on their way up to the Stage.

Bearing configuration is more of a Choice than a Critical element.

If you think the bearing in your main throw is fitting your needs, than you are using the right bearing until you discover otherwise.

I think one of the biggest errors in yoing, is the newer player may think his problems learning tricks is the result of ‘not having the ultimate bearing’,Yeah, that’s what’s holding me back, lol. <wrong!

Most of the stuff that holds Yoers back, is all in their mind.

Even when Pros go up on Stage for the 100dredth time, they feel better when they are confident in their choice of ‘Weapons’. Whatever bearings they Freestyle with, if they feel good, it’s all good.

Challenging choices of others you don’t understand, is pointless, fruitless and non -productive.


exactly my feelings. This post is just perfect.

Fair enough I suppose, but you can get the same performance from flat as you can center track. It’s all preference I suppose, but people have it in their head that they NEED THIS BEARING TO THROW. It’s all just skill in the long run…

I don’t know. Maybe some people. But as yoyodoc said better than I could, it’s not like these people making their choice think they “need” it, either. You don’t have to be “duping” yourself to choose a string-centering bearing given the option.

Maybe you can, but I cannot. As others have noted, I’m not the only person who has experienced better performance with string centering bearings. Are we all lying then? You should not assume that your experience and opinion is the only valid one.

Best points in the thread.

Yes, it really does help some people. I’ve gotten along for years without a concave, and I really don’t need one. Some people get along better with a different setup, and I understand that. Just in my complete opinion, paying 30 dollars for a bearing when you can get a really good result with a 6 dollar bearing is kinda ridiculous.