What Yoyofactory champions collection wave 2 throw are you excited about?


Yyf CC wave 2 is coming to yye first week of december!!! Which throw are you excited about. Say why and which one… Myn is loop 1080


Severe: Love the Supernova. A plastic ‘version’ of one would be awesome. and I know that the Supernova and Severe are different.
H.O.T: Been a huge fan of Harold ever since I started yoyoing.


The server because I lovemy superrnovvaaaaa

(SR) #4

YYF Severe

Do I really need to justify it? lol



does any one have price yet?


One 16
Hot 110
Protostar 35
Loop 25


Liking the looks of the Proton. It’s essentially a Turning Point throw at YYF prices.



Ill for sure be picking up a Onestar and Severe. I really really miss my '09 Severe, hoping this will hold me over until I can track down another, :).


Please refrain from giving direct links to other stores via the message board.


And you are on YoYoExpert.


I’d thank you a million times if I could.


Loop1080, hands down. Maybe the ONEstar, the Protostar, and the celcon Severe :]
But Loop1080 the most. I have enough 1A yoyos, time for 2A


Yeah, that’s cool. but I wanna buy it in YoYoExpert


Onestar and Celcon Severe. Love love love the 09 severe’s shape. Delrin makes it even better.


I got the onestar from a friend and I have two things to say. 1. I siliconed it for a tighter bind(binds felt slippy)
2. It was a performer after that, definitely a contender.


I am getting the white one from yye






I think the ONESTar is a bit light, but other than that, yeah, a good performer. Very pleased with this. This really helps YYF stay in the sub-$20 market with yet another great throw.

On another note: I have purchased a pair of Loop1080’s!! I can’t wait to receive them, however, they are being held at my request by YYE so they can be bundled with a soon upcoming order.

Patience is a virtue. I have other packages I’ve had since Cyber Monday I still haven’t opened. I’ve promised some silly box opening animations, and I feel honor bound to do these. Just three more videos to go.

I look forward to these YYF’s. These might be the last YYF’s I get for quite some time. No worries, I’ve just pretty much got what I want. This pair of 1080’s brings me up to 30 YYF’s total. However, if I have time and there’s a YYF boot at CalStates, I want to try a few things I haven’t tried before. Or if you’re doing another stop by the Roseville Learning Express locations, I’m down for trying some other YYF stuff.