Just ordered an Ann Connolly YYF WHiP!

Super excited! Any thoughts? How does it play? Will it be a good yoyo for me? I’m an intermediate player that can bind and is ready to do advanced tricks. All feedback is welcome and I know for a fact the yoyo is a STEAL for $10 so at the end of the day it will be worth the purchase but I still wanna hear from you guys! I LOVE getting opinions here on the forum! :smiley:

It’s pretty good but I think you’re more than ready for a YYF Protostar or Severe. That’s where it’s at. I mean, if you like it, that’s good but the YYF ProtoStar or Severe are miles better for the money.

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Other than it’s light and will therefore lack the mass to have amazing spin times, it’s a good fun throw that you should enjoy. Since you can bind, you’ll be fine. Just learn to throw extra hard and be conscious of your spin speed so you don’t run out of spin and can bind it back when doing longer combos.

I have that one and a regular one. The Ann Connolly one is like you’re buying a discounted CenterTrac and getting a way fun yoyo thrown in for free. I also like this one a tiny bit better as the Centertrac keeps the string away from the response, which is what it is designed to do.

Also, you should ask for input BEFORE you buy. Too late now!

haha it always seems that I ALWAYS look at reviews more after I buy something. It doesn’t make sense, but I do it too.
And yes, you did make a good purchase.

Its a great buy, I really like it. the AC whip was the first yoyo that I really carried around with me, its light, not too big, and cool to just pull out and play when you’ve got a few minutes. The centertrac is great, and if you happen to grow out of the yoyo and move onto something else, you always will have a quality bearing you can swap in a pinch. Is it the greatest yoyo in my case? absolutely not, but it is one of my funnest.

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Haha I know I know! I just figured, if I don’t like it, at least I got a good bearing and a cool looking yoyo. MAN that thing looks SO COOL!

The protostar is DEFINITELY my next purchase! Then the DMII

Why limit yourself to cheaper yoyos? If you can, get more expensive ones, especially if you can bind and do some cool tricks. There is a difference. After the Protostar/Severe I would definately get an all metal. I wouldn’t waste your time with cheaper throws. They’re good, but if you can afford a metal and you’re decent I would strongly urge you to get one. It will be so worth it, trust me. It’s worlds better.

Great choice! I don’t have a Whip but I’ve heard some awesome things from it and also the DMII is just the boss. I had one of them but it eventually broke down because I was playing with it too much since I loved the spin and basically just everything about it! (you also want to watch out and see if you’ve got any of the YYE trading card prizes once your order’s come.) ;D

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My brother ordered a YYF one a while back and I remember picking it up, I could do combos that I could do on my $50 metals. Defiantly a great little yoyo. I would add that to your list as well.

I have 2 WHiPs, a regular one and the AC one (which I plan on getting signed by Ann), they both play the same, CT or not, although I put the CT in my G-Funk. It plays pretty well for what it is, but it lacks stability after 30 seconds, and the spin times are not amazing, but it can grind decently for a plastic. The shape is comfortable, but IRGs are impossible.

If I were you, I would move on to a more stable/advanced throw like the Severe, or maybe even a metal like the DV888 or C3 Capless (The Capless is great from what I’ve tried, plays like a $100+ throw!).

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I definitely understand. I’m a collector aside from being a hobbyist. That’s why I don’t mind buying cheaper throws :slight_smile:

The Whip’s pretty cool, like others say, its pretty much like buying a center trac bearing and getting the yoyo for free. I threw mine quite a bit, and now use it as a loaner for friends that wanna try out throwing.

It’s a great throw. Center trac and all. Its light, and its not the widest thing in the world.
I think you should grab yourself a trusty protostar :wink:

I actually really love playing my AC Whip. I bought two of them just for the bearings, but when they got here, I couldn’t put it down.