Major YYF ONEstar problems

I ordered a ONEstar because of how much i love the protostar and the shape of it. also I’m a fan of delrin yoyos. when I received it this morning, I threw it a few times and noticed a HUGE super massive vibe. I have metal throws beat to death with less vibe than this. I took out the caps and proceeded in trying to tune the vibe out of it. It lessened, but still is ridiculous. I can’t seem to get over a one minute spin with this, while my whip gets over that. I changed the bearing and the axle but it didnt help. has anyone else experienced this? I am extremely disappointed with this yoyo. also, anyone know how to get the caps back in? ??? ??? ???

Push hard to get the caps back in. I have played a onestar and it didn’t have vibe… It is probably just yours. You could try emailing yoyofactory.

if it’s just mine, I’ll probably end up just buying another one. thanks for the info

I wouldn’t waste my money and try to buy another one. I’d just try to get a different one from YYF, try contacting them with the issue.

Don’t know about your problem, but I might add
I don’t think the onestar is technically delrin.

Did you buy it from yoyoexpert? If so, shoot them an email. They are very good about things like this.

Did you buy it from yoyoexpert? If so, shoot them an email. They are very good about things like this.

yeah. I just did, thanks.

You have a 15 dollar YoYo with a Huge super massive vibe and you are extremely disappointed with it.

And you posted up this Tragedy before contacting/receiving, any answers from: 1 place you purchased it… 2 Yoyofactory directly?

Most interesting, indeed

PS… If you ever buy a $150 Yoyo; you better have 911 on Speed Dial. Just in case…

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lol the Onestar is definitely not delrin, also they’re too light and vibe and aren’t that great.

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yeah, I’m realizing that now. it still just doesn’t make sense that my whips are playing better than it.

I agree with the folks saying that this is likely a dud. Mine has marginal vibe is quite smooth most of the time, seems to spin very well, though not quite up there with the metals or hybrids/weight ring throws. That being said, I can run a 20 to 30 second combo with slacks, some triangle tech stuff, 3 or 4 layers of string, and a rejection with plenty of spin to bind nicely. Seriously look into getting it replaced. The classic and the one are nice for the price, but the onestar really should feel like a step up from them.

I was expecting exactly that. I emailed yesterday, and still no reply, so we’ll see where this goes. really hope I can get it replaced.

its the weekend… are you waiting for the mailman today too?


USPS is starting to deliver on sundays, didnt you see the commercial? and also it says on the site that they answer emails within a few hours

Some of the YYE team are at Nationals in CA too, I’m sure you’ll get a response tomorrow.


All of my $15 throws have vibe to some degree. I always thought that was to be expected. :-\ I never got mail on Sunday. :frowning:

Agreed, it just seems to be part of the package when it comes to buying budget plastics. Heck, with any plastic you’ll be lucky to get it dead smooth, even my Rally and Yeti vibe a tad. The Onestar is pretty light as well, which doesn’t make for exceptional spin times compared to something heavier such as the YYJ Surge.

My Onestar was vibey right out of the box, but I wasn’t all that surprised considering the price tag. If you’re too hung up on vibe then you might be unpleasantly surprised if you buy another one only to discover that it has vibe as well.

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Have you priced USPS Sunday delivery fees?
Give YYE a day or two to get an answer to you. I am sure they can be of help.