One Star vibe


Picked up a one star today and it has some pretty heavy vibe/wobble. Tried tuning it with little success.

Is this a typical problem?


The one I tried had heavy vibe as well, I think that’s normal.


Yep. Bearing wouldn’t even spin when the yoyo is tightly screwed together.


Hmmmm, the ONEstars I have tried were almost dead smooth tbh.


at the meeting Eric’s had heavy vibe. Did you even try Eric’s?


Mine was kinda shaky, but now it still spins pretty smooth after some time passed.


Nope, I’ve tried 3 and all have had less vibe than many plastics! Maybe I’m lucky?


Mine is pretty much dead smooth, a bit of vibe, though. My brother liked mine so much, that he ordered his own, and it was almost the exact opposite. I think it just varies. I’d like to see Yoyofactory try to fix the problem, because when you get one that’s smooth it’s a great yoyo. I just think that a lot of people are turned off of it because they hear everyone saying it vibes so much.


Since (im assuming) polycarbonate would be cast instead of machined they would have varying results. After its out of the cast it could possibly warp during cool down.