Northstar Vibe

My Northstar is kind of vibey. Is this normal? Will it go away?

Plastics are not precise, its a far from perfect process and that is why most plastics out there vibe. It’s not a big deal, just play with it and have fun.

Ok. 8)

Northstar has a vibe. It does vibe quite a bit but here’s a trick. When you throw it, is it vibing all the way or is the vibe like : viiiibbbbbe…no vibe…viiiiibb…no vibe: on the same throw?

If it vibes and stops for a second and vibes again and stops, your yoyo is too loose.

Tighten the yoyo until you get a steady yoyo or a steady vibe. Not “on and off” vibe.

And if you have normal vibe, it is normal. Plastics are not machined as precisley and the material (plastic) tend to vibe more than metal or aluminum.

Also, it could be your throw.

Yeah because most plastics aren’t machined. The ones that are can be as smooth an anything though.

Just wanting to know, which plastics are machined?

All delrin yo-yos, including the Milk, 2%, Gung-Fu, and Silk.

It has a on off vibe but it is tightened to the point that the arrows are exact. And some of my other yoyo’s do this too.

On and off vibe even when tightened to correct point? Hmmm…

Throw the “vibey” Northstar, and touch it slightly on the gap like a finger grind. Does the vibe go away?

factory tuned doesn’t always mean vibeless. It may also be the bearing. I’m not saying clean it either. Some bearings (in my experience) cause a small vibe in the yoyo. I find this is common in CT’s and KK’s, but again, that’s just me. Not all bearings are equal, so maybe you got a smooth bearing. As many people said before me in this thread, they aren’t machined, so there is a chance for vibe.

It’s also worth noting that the Northstar is tuneable.

I’ve found in some cases that a yoyo plays much smoother with a bit of lube on the bearing as well. You didn’t mention the condition of yours. A dry bearing can feel rough.

Yes, that’s why a lot of my dry CT bearings are kinda …itchy should I say?

No >:(

Well my Northstar does that too but if it’s getting annoying, you can ask YYF or YYE.

All northstars have some type of vibe.

Yeah, but on and off odd vibe isn’t normal. Many yoyo’s may have it, but if tightened to right level, and grinding, still vibe, that’s not normal.