Northstar question......

I have a Northstar with the manufacture date of 7-1-2010 and one that is 10-1-2010. Was there any changes or difference between the two? They seen different to me.

How different? Some northstar have vibe while others don’t.

It’s like the plastic is different. You can feel the edges on the newer Northstar more. The older plastic feels smoother.

Maybe yoyofactory’s mold broke or something like that. Hopefully Yoyofactoryben will see this thread.

The manufacturing process of the Northstar did change slightly. They changed some things around to compensate for the pressure of the rings, that of which cause cracking in some early models.

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A new mold has been created (twice now) with efforts to create a better overall product. The key difference being where the plastic enters the mold to form the yoyo. Initially it was on the rim (look for matching marks on the rim) then on the lower face (3 small dots on each half). The plastic itself has not changed and every northstar is factory checked to ship to the customer smooth so not batch should be smoother than any other. To maintain this smooth play take care when assembling and disassembling your northstar as damage to the spacer seat is the #1 cause of ‘vibe’ in this yoyo.

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Ben you never fail, and the vibe thing is just feedback I’ve heard from other people, I am yet to try a vibey yyf plastic.