im guessing this is not normal?

Just recieved a northstar that i ordered. In your experience is the northstar smooth, or does it typically have a bit of vibe?with the stock bearing, it has a fair amount of vibe, and when i switched it out to a 10 ball it had vibe like a baby. I know it’s not just my throw because its been doing this consistently. should i ask for a replacement?

EDIT: “Like a baby” means a LOT of vibe.

from my experience ive noticed that new bearings present a little vibe in the “Breaking in” stage. bearings have to be played with a little bit before they work properly. just keep playing with it and see what happens. also try cleaning the bearings incase you got something stuck in the bearing

The northstar does tend to have some vibe. I’m not sure if “vibe like a baby” means a lot of vibe, or less vibe, but my northstar did have a small amount right out of the box

The one I threw was fine… Maybe I just don’t notice vibe. ???

I’ve been buying a lot recently.

All the new stuff has vibe until the bearing really breaks in, or so I’ve noticed.

Almost ALL the used stuff has almost no vibe. Granted, most of it is expensive metals, but there’s a Protostar in there. These were almost ALL smooth as glass with the exception of the models that were described as MINT and “never thrown” or “barely thrown”. I just finished breaking in my MMN, only to discover it has a YYF bearing in it, so I’m going to pop the OD 10ball I ordered in there later.

So, my opinion is that usually once the bearing is broken in, a majority of the vibe seems to go away. The rest seems to be me.

Did you align the arrows? tsk,tsk

It’s a freakin’ plastic get over it.


The arrows on my prototar won’t align. It plays fine. My DieNasty and PGM line up fine and play fine.

What run is your protostar, and what do you mean the won’t align? My had a bad pulse when they weren’t

after the first time i unscrewed my northstar, the arrows didnt align… it didnt play smooth, but the vibe was really small

Regarding my Protostar, it’s hard to read it but here it is:

01/01/2010 Batch #3003

There is a set of arrows that I would assume mean when they are pointed at each other, the yoyo is lined up correctly and tight enough. They are about a half inch apart. Seems to still play great so I’m not concerned and it feels really tight.

ok i guess i should have specified. When i say “like a baby” i mean that the vibe is REALLY noticabe. Its noticeable either way, but with another bearing in it, the vibe gets really, really bad. I’ve never owned a yoyo with this much. It’s hard to NOT notice it.

EDIT: Note that im not whining about it, I’m just making it extremely clear.

Is it soo much that its affect any aspect of the yoyo performance?

If no, and you think its still at tolerable level. Just ignore it.
Its a plastic, and plastic is renown to have less consistency to stay smooth over the production run.
Some smooth, some vibe, some just like to disco.

If yes, and you think its intolerable. Call YYF. They have notoriously good customer service.

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My northstar had some vibe until the bearing finished breaking in. I played it a for an hour or so then cleaned the bearing. After a couple days of throwing and a few more cleanings it has gotten smoother and smoother.

I have 3 Northstars, 1 Starlite and 1 Protostar.

They only get vibe if i put it in there.
But never enough to affect play.

Just run the bearing in…