North star bearing?


I hate the bearing that came with the north star, it’s loud and has a ton of vibe with it. I put a konkave ceramic dif e yo in it and it’s smooth as butter. Does that bearing need to break in? I know it’s never going to be as smooth, but does it get better with play? I just hate putting a $30 bearing in a $35 yoyo.


The loud part you can get rid of by lube. :smiley: I don’t know about the vibe. :-\


Yea lube helped. But just wondering if that bearing has a break in period? My ceramics and yyf and yyj bearings didn’t play like that out of the box.

(laxdude99) #4

Lube your center track then play with it for awhile that’s what I do with my new bearings


If the arrows are not alined then it would cause it to have vibe. This happened to me so i alined them and it plays great! And The bearing may just be because of the concave but im not sure… hope this helps


Lube it and break it in. Loud usually means it’s dry. Dry bearings also can cause a vibe. All should be good after a good break in period.