Which bearing should I get?


Hey guys, I’m not sure where this goes, so I put it here, so sorry if its in the wrong one. Anyway, I have a Northstar, and I want to get a new bearing for it, but I don’t know which one I want to get. I’m stuck between the original Center Trac, the One Drop bearing or the General Yo bearing. I know that the Northstar comes with the center trac, but when I saw the One Drop bearing just 1 cent more, I thought maybe that might work ,but I’m not sure. The General Yo one is the cheapest, butI don’t know if it will even fit, or how good it is. So, which one do you think is best? Thanks!


Is there anything wrong with the stock bearing? A new bearing is not going to give much of a benefit unless it has a different shape (concave, grooved, Center Trac, etc.) and even then, the change in feel is not necessarily going to help you perform any better.


the bearing is not good anymore, and I’ve put lube in it a few times already and its REALLY loud, i just want to know which one is the best out of them, not make me perform better.


How long have you had this bearing?

How much lube did you put in there?

Have you cleaned the bearing?

  1. My friend gave me this yoyo for Christmas, which he also got from his friend, so I’m not sure.
  2. one drop each time.
    3.No, like in the bearing cleaning video, it says it could melt plastic or crack it, which I don’t want to do to my Northstar.


1: So, you’ve got no clue to the age. Understandable.
2: One drop? How oftne? Maybe you’re over-lubing. What kind of lube are you using?

You need to remove the bearing from your yoyo before putting the bearing in the solvent. If you clean it out and blow out the rest after you remove the bearing from the solvents, you’re safe.

Clean it. Get a bearing puller, yank it, take off the spacers, de-shield it and give it a good cleaning in your choice of mineral spirits or lighter fluid.


I would reccomend a center trac but thats me.



if youre worried about the plastic, then use dish soap (in water of course) and scrub with a tooth brush… when youre done, rinse and make sure its dry… blow in it a little bit and spin for a few minutes

after that, it may be responsive for a few hours till it completely dries… then add one drop of lube if desired

i cant stress enough tho to make sure its dry, you dont want rust… so even after you put it back together, spend a good 15 minutes or so letting the yoyo sleep

hope this helps :wink:


Cleaning a bearing definitely has its risks to cracking or melting a plastic yoyo. But these instances occcur only through incorrect methods of cleaning a bearing. Simply clean it as you would with any other yoyo. Use whatever solvent you prefer (i use mineral spirits). after you clean it, let the bearing sit on a paper towel for a little while, 20 minutes maybe. Then put the bearing on the top end of a pen or pencil and spin it with your finger. Blow compressed air through it to make sure you get all of the residue out as well. Add a tiny tiny tiny bit of thin lube and put it back in the yoyo. It will take a little time to break in, but once it does, it will play dead unresponsive. The key step is to just let it sit and make sure the risidue is gone. thats what will crack plastic. This will not only save money from buying a new bearing, it will also save money from buying a new yoyo. Hope I helped!;D


Clean it, the northstar has metal spacers, and even if it was plastic you just have to let it dry properly. No point in throwing away a good bearing just because of some dust.