bearrings and lubes

ok, i just wanted to ask you guys what bearring you like the most and how you treat it to get it as good as posible as long as posible. i’ve been yoyoing for three years soon and i still have the problem that my ball bearrings suddendly start making loud noices and don’t spinn as long as before… enny tips, please :slight_smile:

One Drop’s 10ball bearing is thought by many people to be the best bearing available. In terms of lubricant (lube), some people only use one brand, to others lube is lube, it doesn’t matter what you use. For unresponsive play, thin lube is best. For responsive, thick lube. If you want to know how to clean a bearing, there are directions here:,871.0.html. If your bearing is suddenly loud, then get some lube, deshield your bearing, and apply a drop of it to 2 of the balls. here’s some info on lube around the house:,34662.0.html. If you want to buy lube here, here’s some types:

Hope that helps!

Center Trac and you’re set for life bro.


Flat = One Drop 10ball
Concave/grooved = Twisted Stringz Trifecta

No lube… I clean mine out, use Electrical cleaner… okay dry… once in a while I might put a needle tip of V4M, and play it like crazy…

i just sand mine to the right length and then break it in. lasts a month or more! :wink:

do you do anything different if you want to do stalls instead of sleeper tricks? Like wrapping the string around the axle again?

ed haponik is my hero…

i use konkave bearings mostly - stock. but this is 'cause i mostly yo yo w/ dif-e-yo yo yos - stock.

otherwise - i just play any and all bearings…stock.

however, there are occasions when debris will prevent the bearing from rolling true. in which case i will clean and lube w/ whatevers handy…usually sewin’ machine or 3in1 oil.

otherwise…i really don’t give it much thought. yo yoin’ has very lil’ to do w/ the actual yo yo - imho.



Usually a nice old stock bearing is good for play.

I also like centertracs but I will usually just keep the yoyo stock.

Not with wood. As long as I can do Spirit Bomb and Shoot the Moon with the same setup, I know it’s good for stalls, string tricks, or whatever.

With bearings though, I usually use a thick-lubed half-spec.

thnk you! i’ll try some of the tips!

Use a dif e o konkave with yyf lube

Dif KonKave with no lube. I have had some for like 8 months and I literally haven’t had to clean them yet.
All mine are quieter then my OD 10 balls :stuck_out_tongue: OD 10 ball=hype. Sorry to sound like a hater, but in my experience its true.