Bearings choice.

I got a protostar a few years ago but somehow, the bearing started to be louder, responsive recently.
I’ve tried to cleaned it for many times but it didn’t get better. (i think it cracked)

So now i’m thinking of getting a new yoyo bearing. i’ve heard about YYF’s Spec X Bearing. Are they good and they can really play dry? How’s their quality?
Please help. Thanks.

All bearings marketed for yoyos can play dry for maximum spin time and maximum noise.

The Spec X is fine. I don’t think it’s anything special in the world of bearings. I find it a touch louder than the One Drop 10-ball, but heck, maybe I just managed to put less lube in the Spec X somehow. It’s a perfectly fine bearing, but for the same price, I prefer the One Drop 10-ball, the YYJ SPEED bearing (also a 10-ball), or the General-Yo AIGR (mine are 8-ball; not sure if they’re 10-ball now).

I’d get a general-yo AIGR bearing or a terrapin x bearing because I feel like they are much better than most bearings that I have. I prefer an AIGR bearing in my everyday throws but I love them in my competition throws too, so. The terrapin bearings are more competition oriented IMO.

If you remember, because perhaps you forgot, Protostars are very loud anyways. There is most likely nothing wrong with your bearing. I would suggest cleaning it after you wrestle off the spacers.

My personal favorite is the Buddha Ripple, it’s pretty much a trifecta but cheaper… But I like buddha whipples because they wtill play great and are only $5, if you’re not a fan of grooved or concave bearings the buddha flat is nice as well, 10-ball bearing for $5.

What I love about the Whipple compared to the Ripple (which I also love!) is that the “V” profile is actually less aggressive than it looks in pictures. It’ll center the string on throw, but it will allow additional layers more gracefully than a “U” profile bearing.

No hate on “U” bearings here either, though… popped a Dif-e-Yo KK into my Monkey Fist (which I had been throwing with a flat) and everything about that configuration “clicked” for me.

Thanks for helping show the point I’ve been making for a while:

Find what bearing works best for you in a particular yoyo.

CenterTrac or Ezo Gold for me.
10-ball is okay, too.

No, i played it all the time. it suddenly make a lotttttttt of noises. Louder than you can imagine :frowning: and also responsive.
Before, when i clean the bearing it appears to be well again. but this time i cleaned it at least for 5 times but it did’t get better.

Between center trac and spec X which one should i choose???

Do you prefer flat or profiled?

If you’re indifferent, CT is my preference.

Due to the fact you’re in Vietnam, the humidity and bearings(and rubber parts) are not entirely compatible. When I was there back in March/April of 2013, I hit a yoyo store buried in Saigon(I’m not mentioning the name due to forum rules) and got a PGM for my kid. It was hard to find one with rubber rings not rotting out. Lube is necessary in Vietnam to help maintain bearing life and avoid or minimize rust. A yoyo sitting around with the string on it will encourage oxidation, and even more so in the humidity.

Trust me, I know how loud yoyos can get. The Protostar, Trigger, Epic and Audley Photon Spirit are all super noisy yoyos! In your case, the responsive performance is probably due to something getting into the bearing, so it will need a very thorough cleaning. However, I won’t be back to Vietnam for a couple of years so there’s no way I could try to offer to clean your bearing until then. If I do go back, hook me up with some acetone and I’ll get to work on the bearing.

You are removing the spacers and the shields when cleaning, right? What solvent are you using?

If you simply wish to replace the bearing, I’m gonna say that since the Protostar comes with a CenterTrac, I’d go with the new CTX bearing

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Terrapin X are listed as “competition bearings” on my add.
They will help beginners but as you get better you will never out throw them.

Thanks for your advises man. And I think i know the store you are talking about.
Yes i did remove spacer and shields when i clean the bearing. And i i’ve tried both acetone and Zippo lighter fluid on it but it didn’t work.
In addition, i think i cleaned my bearing carefully(i put it in my solvent and shake it for quite long time 2-3 mins i think) but it didn’t work at all. :’(

And i think i’ll go with spec X bearing. I wish i can have a OD 10 balls which is impossible to get in VN. :frowning:

Flat and profile are both ok with me. What i don’t really prefer is U shape like KonKave.

Next time I’m heading to Vietnam(track me/friend me on Facebook), let’s try to meet up. If you need something, that would be the time to deal with it. I carried spare bearings for my last trip just to be safe. I also tend to carry spare pads, strings and more. However, it will be a while.

I find I prefer a shaped bearing in the Protostar. I find the stock CenterTrac to be an ideal fit, so the new CTX would be my recommendation.

I would suggest gold center trac, is the smoothest bearing out there with extreme spin time. I used it for more than 1 month now and have no durability issue. :slight_smile: