Spare bearing


I got a YYF Spec X in the mail, and I was wondering whether to put to my g funk that has a spec bearing or a protostar with a CT


Put a ct in the g- funk it makes it more stable and put the spec in the protostar


^^ this


My Spec X feels like it has something like vibe when I flick the bearing. Any thoughts?


The one that came with my stacked Catalyst was dirty upon opening the box. Clean it and see if it works better.


when I got mine, it was perfect, but may need some lube


Just get a good one…


Why not try it in both, and see which one you like it in more? That way you know you aren’t missing out on anything.


So far, I put the Spec X onto my Classic to break it in, but now that the Classic is unresponsive, it is extremely loud, I tried a tiny drop of lube but it didn’t make much of a difference. Any tips?


Just flicking a bearing is not a test for vibe. Bearings tend to be a bit loose but when installed in the yoyo there should not be a problem since it is supported by the bearing seat. If it didn’t have some free play it would probably be too tight.


The SPEC X bearing is a full sized C-bearing, and it should make the Classic completely unresponsive.

If the noise is bothering you, add a tiny bit more lube, but I would also suggest cleaning it. The Classic, like nearly all plastics, make some noise. That’s normal. In the meantime, keep playing the Spec X and see if the noise gets worse and then gets better.



Once you put it into a metal yoyo it should quiet down a bit.


Keep in mind Terrapin X bearings are done for competition,
not for playing in a library ore in front of your mommy…


Lol, what does this have to do with the thread?

OP, I’d put the CT in your favourite throw. CT’s are pretty good bearings. I would recommend the swap mentioned earlier. (CT in G funk, SpecX in protostar, keep the Spec as a spare)


I think he’s trying to say how loud they are or something like that…


Dry Play treatment either pre-done in Terrapin X bearings or DIY with the Dry Play polymer, will actually impart noise to your bearing.

Considering I took a bearing from 28 seconds CLEANED and DRY to 56 seconds Dry Play treated, well, I’ll live with the noise because I’m getting the performance.

Too many people are whining about bearings making noise. I prefer a bit of noise in my bearings so I can judge when to bring it back.


I don’t know if it’s always whining. Some of us just like quiet bearings. If I could have zero noise, I would. As fjh points out, some of us play in front of people… maybe not crowds, and not necessarily our mommies, but some of us actually hang out with honest-to-goodness people who don’t mind that we bust out a yoyo sometimes.

That good favour can only be helped by the fact that you’re not making any additional noise by doing so. Makes it a lot more pleasant at BBQs, watching TV with spouses, or during a quick coffee break at your cubicle.

Since Terrapin X bearings are apparently not for us even though my S/C has been a pretty good bearing, I guess I have been uninvited to buy more.



When I got a really quiet yoyo/ bearing combo I thought oooh, this is nice and quiet, but the minute I tried to just throw a few things together I started getting a little apprehensive… wait a minute, how much spin do I have left??? oh crap I can’t get it back… grrrrrr. As of that moment I hate quiet, can’t stand it. I still don’t like my yoyos to scream, but I need some sound to help judge when I’m running out of spin.


If the yoyo has splash, you’ll see it… or as the yoyo loses stability when the gyroscopic effect winds down, you’ll feel it. Most bearings impart the faintest of vibration to the string, which you can also feel.

But let’s say none of that matters…

Unless you’re being scored for a failed bind or there’s a situation in which it’s critical for you to bind (Aliens bent on destroying the Earth have placed it upon you as a special test; pass and you save the planet!!!)… “Oh well” works for me. “Oh, that’s funny… I didn’t know I was running out of spin!” and then snap start. Or more often, I’m not trying to do a 2-minute combo, so the yoyo just always seems to have enough spin left…

In any event, I don’t think missing a bind is ruining anybody’s lives! On the other hand, a whirring bearing could very well ruin my life as my wife tells me to take it to the basement instead of the current situation in which she doesn’t mind me playing while we talk or hang out.

So let’s take this full circle: I’m not saying anybody is wrong for wanting noise. Fill your boots. I’m saying that it’s not “whining” to appreciate the benefits of a quiet bearing.


I totally get that, I’ve been kicked out of rooms for making too much noise, but when I’m at home, or even outdoors, I like a little noise so I have some more feedback from the yoyo, even if there’s other feedback as well more is always better. And while missed binds aren’t the end of the world they can be annoying/ frustrating, but even as a matter of being able to know how tight to bind, if there’s plenty of spin I can bind with very little slack and a slight tug, running out of spin it needs a lot of slack and a big tug. Also my snap starts are more frustrating still, so I have to do a full hand start.