some bearing questions


so i was bored and looking around and found Center Trac Yo-Yo Bearings, from what i read they sound cool. But do they do what they say the do? and are they worth it?


Well it keeps the string away from the sides of the yoyo and that’s pretty cool because it gives less friction. But it’s not necessarily needed though.

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The center-trac really is a cool bearing. It keeps the strings away from the response on the inside walls of the yo-yo, but it still allows the string to move from side to side and it feels more like a flat bearing.

Personally, I really like a very broken in center-trac in almost any yo-yo. It’s not going to make you do magic, but it sure gives a great feel.


hrm i might have to give one a try, i just got a used DNA today for 60$ and the only thing that is wrong with it is its SUPER responsive i was just going to order some thin lube for it but maybe i will try out the new bearing.

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Before you shell out the money on the bearing, make sure you clean out the bearing seat and give the bearing itself a nice cleaning. If you want a new bearing that’s all well and good, but let’s make sure there are no other issues first.


the shield is missing of one side of the bearing, do the DNAs come like that or is that something the kid i got it from did?

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Well, bearings usually ship with shields on both sides, but there is nothing wrong with removing them. It makes cleaning and lubricating it easier, so that’s probably not the problem. Try cleaning it.


i cleaned it in some ronsonol and its back to being unresponsive ;D

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also, if you were going to order thinlube for it, you should now so it doesn’t grind itself to death. but before, fyi, thin lube makes it more responsive. thick lube makes it really responsive, and cleaning it makes it unresponsive. lube just preserves the life of the bearing.


Thin lube will make it responsive, but if you break it in, it will be dead unresponsive… Yeah.

This might be off topic but:

So if you clean the bearing with lighter fluid, it will spin longer, right? But if you put thin lube on the bearing, will you have the same result if you clean the bearing with lighter fluid?

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I don’t really understand what the poster above me is asking but I use Ronsonol on all of my bearings to clean them, never had any problems except on my stock Shinwoo Hi-Power Zen bearing, I don’t re-lube my bearings, not often at least, I hate to play with them responsive unless they are supposed to be. I know all I have to do is break them in (just a note for the people who may flame me), but I don’t feel up to having to break in my yoyos over and over again, now I am not saying you have to clean bearings nonstop but I always clean every bearing the day I receive it.

So, back to the OP question. I have a Counter Attack that came with a CT bearing, I love it, it is very smooth, sadly I have not used it in any other yoyos besides the Counter Attack, so I cant attest at how it will play in the DNA. I would however suggest HIGHLY against putting a CT bearing in any yoyo that has a really wide gap or response area, my Counter Attack has VERY slippy binds unless I double mount a bind, not a big deal to me, but it may be for you, then again, I am not you, I don’t own a DNA, and ass always ymmv. Hopefully this helped a bit.


center-trac bearings would not spin for an extremely long time.

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There is something to be said that the world record is held by a flat small-bearing yo-yo, but that doesn’t mean other bearings wont spin for long enough. My experience with center-trac bearings has been almost entirely positive.