Center Trac Bearing

Its amazing! Anways its completley unresponsive, but i dropped a drop of thin lube in it, anyways my question is, is it ok to take the shelds off when u clean and lube it? like a regular flat bearing? or just leave them on when u do al that?

i leave the shields in but normally i don’t thin lube center tracs. i just keep the bearing dry.

i heard it was NEVER good to keep a bearing dry w/o any lube. So say u clean it, and dont put anything on?

2:bearing can lock up quikly.

just put a teeny tiny little mini half drop and put it on.

ok well if you clean it then ya you have to put thin lube in or it will lock up. But right out of the box just keep playing it dry.

yeah so i cleaned it, and put a drop of thin lube on it. Now ive started to seen, since ive gotten this bearing, the yoyo will tilt or lean to the side alot more then a flat bearing? I mean im not 100% sure if its my throws? ive just started to see this past week, the yoyo will start to tilt a litttle more while on string tricks? Im almost thinking of returning it? what do yall think, is it the bearing or me. Like i said it might even be my throw, but i did do a test with the center trac and the flat, and the flat bearing does stay straighter longer, but the center trac sleeps and is a lot smother. help!!

It’s probably a bit of both. When I started yoyoing in October (haven’t since the Duncan butterfly days) I got a protostar and when I would throw the string would sit on the side of the ct bearing which caused the yoyo to tilt. So I changed to a flat bearing. With the flat bearing my throw was straight and string stayed centered. Now free I have improved my throw I tried my ct bearing again and I can use it better than I started. Doesn’t tilt for me anymore. So I guess moral of the story is practice that throw. Or get a flat bearing and see if you enjoy that more

I hate center track bearings, mainly because they make my yoyo so unresponisve I have to bind three times around the it. >:(

response much?

No, there is like no response. >:(

Outside of responsive bearings, bearing sheilds have no functional purpose in yoyos at all. Think about it, the side of the yoyo is already protecting the bearing from anything big from getting in there, and since the main reason bearings have sheilds is to keep the lube in, they are usless on an unreponsive yoyo.

Yeah i wish they would just make them without the shields, easier to clean and maintain.

just pull them out if you don’t like them. It’s easy enough to do.

honestly taking the shield off takes 2 seconds…doesnt bother me, so its been a few weeks, and ive been testing the flat bearing to the center trac, finds out it was just my throw hahah, this center trac is amazing!, it does slip a little bit on the binds i have noticed. I have a dv888, with k pads i think thats what it came with, im still debating if should silicone it. i know one drop has silicone pads, but i doubt they will fit.