Center Trac Bearing Question


I just got a Center Trac Bearing in the mail from yoyoexpert to replace my flat yoyofactory bearing.
When it arrived I opened it and the bearing was without shields and didnt spin at all when i put it on my yoyo and hit it with my finger. And when I tried throwing it with my yoyo its lasted for about 20 seconds before dying. which is pretty bad. After that throw it spinned for a bit when i hit it with my finger again.
But whats up with this? Im still using the flat YYF one because its alot better than this center trac I got.
Why did it come shield-less and why does it seem like it needs a “break in period”?


It should not have come shieldless. the only center trac bearing that comes shieldless is the new gold one that just came out. I think they made a mistake. It should spin alot longer than that. Just to make you happy, if you order bearings again, either get the twisted trifecta or the center trac x. they are both 10 balls where the regular center trac is 8 ball and louder. there is nothing wrong with the regular center trac but most peoples preference is a 10 ball.


I believe the CTX also comes deshielded, so in that case, try playing with it more or just try and clean it.


Email YYE about this. They will take care of you…LOL.


count the balls, if it has 10, just give it a good thorough clean, if it has 8 then like Redneck said, email YYE


if it has ten, dont clean it. it is just lubed up too much. just bear with it and play with it. i have a couple ctx bearings and they break in fast. most of the time within like 15 minutes of play and then they are awesome.


Yeah mine is a ten ball bearing. I guess it the CTX?
So should I just play with it and break it in?


I’m backing you up on this I started playing with mine this after noon, and it wouldn’t give it a proper spin.


Ya this is why they dont put CTX stock in there yoyos. They come pre lubed so just clean in and you should be fine.


I dont have bearing cleaner. I can air blow it with an air compressor. or should I lube it with thin lube?
or would thin lube make it worse? I feel like adding more lube wouldnt be good.


Yeah lube would just make it worse so your only bet is spending a little while breaking it in.