Center Trac "CTX" 10 Ball Bearing... Thoughts??

I just noticed that they are in stock here at YYE. And they are being shipped in CLYW models now.

Has anyone played them?

Awesome! I had heard of these before, when they weren’t available here. If I get a Supernova and Genesis, I will have to pickup one for each!

Sorry for not having thoughts on how they play…but I am excited!

I have them in most of my yo-yos. They really are good bearings. Just remember that they come dry. So you may want to lubricate them if you prefer that.

I’m probably going to get one too, 'cause I love the shape of the CT I have but it doesn’t spin as long as the 10Ball that came with my DM2, just wish there was a ceramic version so I wouldn’t have to worry about wearing it out as much

Where did you get a DM2 that came with a 10 Ball?! Do they come with 10 ball bearings now? If so, that’s awesome!

The speed bearing by YYJ is a 10 ball bearing.

  • Large YoYoJam SPEED Bearing (Size C) - new all stainless steel and completely clean bearing built for long spins and unresponsive play. Has a total of ten ball bearings inside too for longer life span.
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CenterTracs come dry but the guy at CBC told me CTX come pre lubed. He actually recommended but the normal CenterTrac over the CTX when I was looking into ordering wholesale for my company.