Center track vs KK vs 10 ball

Hey all, Im thinking about getting a center track or KK bearing and wanted to get some advice on which is better. I have a OD Dietz so it has a 10 ball in it. Has anyone used all 3 in one Yoyo and could give me some advice?


it exists, but it’s bootleg


I’ve tried a center track and ten ball but not a kk, and find that the center track makes the yoyo feel heavier and more unresponsive, and it is really loud for the first few months.

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Yes I have used all three and here is my two cents.

The OD 10-ball is a very smooth bearing, the smoothest even. It is just a flat bearing that has more balls so it is smoother, but alot smoother. I spun a dry 10-ball and yyf spec bearing and the spin time between the two was good, with the 10-ball beating it by about 2 seconds.

The kk bearing is for a specific style of play. If you do alot of tricks like Frank “Raytsh” (the guy who owns ILYY) then this bearing is great for that style. Lots of ladder escape type tricks. If you have alot of string layers in your tricks then this bearing might not be for you but you can contol snagging by just having experience. When I first used the kk bearing it did snag but you have to learn to obtain the finese to use that bearing properly.

My favorite of the three is the Center Trac. It has a profile that keeps the string away from the wall (like the kk but just less extream) and it has a flat “center trac” that allows you to play on a mostly flat bearing…ie, no snagging or bunching of string. In my opinion it is my favorite bearing of all that I have tried…it helps with spin time as well because of the string not touching the wall.

All the bearings that I have tried are…center trac, kk, kk ceramic, OD 10-Ball, Crucial Grooved, YYF Spec, YYJ Speed, and Terrapin X Wing bearing.


Hey slade, thanks for the great advice. Of all the bearings you tried would you say the center track is the best non flat bearing. I didn’t even know about terrapin and crucial grooved. By their names alone I’m just guessing they aren’t flat.

Thanks again!

They all have a different feel to them. I mainly prefer flat bearings, but I run stock bearings in all of my yoyos.

Terrapin’s are only available on ebay, and there are different varietys such as chrome plated, ceramic, and wing cut. They also have a special coating that lets them stay quiet without lube. However the bearing that has me the most interested is the gold plated bearing.

The only c sized bearings I’ve tried are center track and of 10 ball. The 10 ball on my dietz was by far the smoothest I’ve ever thrown and decently quiet while it took a decently long time to break in. The center track was on my protostar and it was smooth, took less time to break in, and spun about the same time. It also seemed to help keep the yoyo balanced, and I never had a problem snagging on gts, hooks, grinds, etc… I love the 10 ball but it has occasionally snagged on me during these tricks. Hope this helps

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I have tried about 5 10balls and both a kk and ct

In my own opinion I dislike the 10ball the most. Don’t get me wrong it is a great bearing but it can’t compare to the ct. It is smooth but what I don’t like is the spin time. I bought a code1 a 54 and a few other 10ball bearings and I do not use them.

The kk is my second favorite but in short the ct does everything the kk does and more for $4 less
Kk is good to

The centertrac is my favorite of every bearing i’ve ever tried. On other bearings it feels like there is something holding the spin back. With the centertrac it is all smooth. I find the more you use it the longer and smoother it spins. I always put this bearing in my favorite yoyo. I have found it snags less than a 10ball. It is AWESOME!!!
get it!