problem with my center trac bearing


I got a center track bearing about a month ago and two weeks ago my bearing got stuck.
the balls inside were stuck and I planed on getting YYF thin lube to fix it and then a friend of mine decided to put some kind of oil for lasers.(not getting into that)
then my bearing was free it wasn’t stuck anymore it didnt make sound when I was using it in my yoyo so it was clean/clear.
The problem was that when it was new I would spin it on my finger or on the yoyo when its unscrewed and it spins for a long time,and now it just doesn’t spin for even 3 seconds but its clear of anything in its way inside the bearing.
I think the lube was thick and it slowed down my bearing,and I used the bearing in my yoyo for 2 days and constantly using my yoyo and I thought I needed to let the lube break in but it didnt work
now I think I have a dead bearing.will it help at all to buy yoyofactory thin lube to try to bring my bearing back to life?
My stock bearing that came with the yoyo is working fine it spins fine its a yoyofactory size C bearing never lubed it.I got my yoyo 5 months ago.
do not write:do a proper cleaning on your bearing
please dont put that because I dont want to do that
Thankyou :slight_smile:


I know that you don’t want us to write a good cleaning, but that’s what it needs. You may even need to do the paper slip method to get any gunk out. After that blow through it. Then put that thin lube in and it should be fine.


Unfortunately, adding more lube won’t really help the situation but will actually slow down the bearing even more. I know you don’t want to do it, but unless you give the bearing a good clean your only other option would be to replace the bearing.



Honestly, wanting a specific solution to work will not make it work. This isn’t my opinion, but a basic fact of life (one you should be open to if you want to be A) taken seriously, and B) happy with anything at all).

You need to clean your bearing or buy a new one. There are no two ways about it. Simply adding thin lubricant to a bearing full of thick lubricant won’t do anything at all.

Either learn to clean your bearings or get used to buying a new one every time one needs cleaning.

I don’t mean to be harsh, but you’ve made many, many threads asking for help recently. That’s just fine (it would be better if they were in the correct section, but the important thing is that you get the help you want), but telling us the answer you want to receive really works against you.

We all want to help you with your problems, but you’ve got to be willing to take the advice being given if you want a positive outcome.


You don’t want to hear “do a proper cleaning”, because you don’t want to do that.

OK. Since you’re not going to properly clean your bearing, I won’t tell you to do that.

I also won’t tell you to de-shield your bearing and then soak and swish it around in acetone.

I also am not going to even dare suggest that after 15 minutes or so of soaking in acetone, should you remove the bearing and move to a paper towel so it can drain, then flipping after 5 minutes so the other side can drain.

Also, under no circumstances ever should you then spin the bearing to be completely dry.

And since you’re not doing that, there’s no reason to dip a needle or pin in lube and touch that little drop to a ball or two on the bearing and then spin the bearing to work it through, of course only if you were to feel the desire to use lube. Of course, there’s not the option to run the bearing dry or perhaps Dry Play treat it in this scenario.

Therefore, there’s no need to optionally replace the shields before re-assembling your yoyo.

The past several months, there’s been a growing trend of new players who don’t want to do things the right way in order to resolve their issues. I’m realizing there’s little to nothing we can do to help such individuals.

So, my suggestion is:

Buy a new yoyo. Problem solved. You’re welcome.

Otherwise, if you live near me, I’ll clean your bearing for FREE while you wait.