problem with my center trac bearing


I have a problem with my center trac bearing.
My first one I bought for my genesis lasted two weeks and then it went silent and stoped spinning and one of the balls inside got stuck.
My second center trac that came with my chief that I got on national yoyo day had a little problem.
when I was using it, the bearing went a little silent for a few seconds and then went back to normal.
It happend a few times and then It stoped.
I got worried and I took my bearing out then I got it and spined it on my finger and at that moment I saw and herd the bearing getting caught on something and when a little silent for a second and then went back to normal.
At the moment Im using my yoyofactory spec bearing in my chief right now because I don’t want to risk on messing up my center trac.
I was thinking about buying yoyo lube for it and I think it would fix it but Im not sure.
Is it a good idea?
PS:I just got this yoyo with the bearing yesterday and the bearing is already giving me problems.
Is it just the bearing that has problems or does it need to be lubed at the beginning as soon as I get it?


I think it needs a regular cleaning with a pin drop of lube. Try the search bar ;). The first one, I do not know what it happening. It happened to my bearing once, but I had dropped my PGM in the pool (freakin go west) and rusted. For the second one though, just a regular routine, number one with a large side of patience ;D


I’m not 100% sure cleaning the bearings will resolve the issue, but at the very least,it shouldn’t make the problem worse.

You might just have some grit or some other hard contaminant inside the bearing either from the factory or something somehow got inside. Hey, it happens.

I’ve so far never had a problem with a CenterTrac.


well I finnaly decided to buy some yoyoyfactory thin lube and my first bearing I did a proper bearing cleaning and my second I m going to lube it. :slight_smile:


A good paper cleaning should work well, some one posted on it the other day, combine that with a regular acetone, or your choice of solvent, cleaning. As for the dead bearing, the brasso method might be helpful for saving it if it hasn’t made its way to the yeah yet.