yuuksta problem. help!!


my yuuksta with center trac is awesome. i got it today, but suddenly when i throw it, it makes a weird noise and then makes no sound at all, but is still spinning. the silence is weird. WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY YOYO?

Also, whenever i spin the bearing, it seems there is some obstruction blocking the way!!! will thin lube break it down and help???


Nothing. Totally normal. Don’t worry about it.

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Same thing happened to mine. Perfectly fine. I think it was breaking in the pads/bearing. Now mine is dead smooth and just enough noise to know its still there. Its my favorite pocket throw.
Good luck!


Center tracs are great. I currently have on installed in my superstar, and it is very quiet. There is nothing wrong with it. :wink:

(Mi) #5

A dry bearing should not be quiet. If it is quiet you more than likely have a problem :3 So be happy you’re hearing noise.


but the yoyo spins out after it gets silent!

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If it gets silent and spins out then your bearing is locking up. Clean it in Mineral Spirits paint thinner for 3-4 minutes and spin it dry.


but i got the yoyo today

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Clean the bearing or lube it

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I already said that twice.


You never said lube it. :wink:


take bearing apart and spin with compressed air or if you have an air compressor that works too just put on the smallest tip.

I have to do this every now and then because I have a dog and a cat and hair will do that. 8)

try this and if it does not work clean bearing.



when people say clean a bearing they are usually referring to method 1 8)

hopefully this helps ;D

czyoyo :wink:


That doesn’t make an excuse to say it’s OK. Just do what Mi said and add a drop of thin lube.