why does my yoyo all of a sudden spin slowly?[FIXED]


when I’m doing tricks my yoyo is nice and loud and sometimes when I do tricks it becomes silent and spins slowly. I don’t really feel like the bearing is spinning in between the yoyo at it’s full capacity! help? any fix?

okay i fixed it i guess like some dust or something got in my bearings. so i just removed the shield and blew into the bearing. it was prevented from spinning before! and its kinda dry so im going to have to lube it up

(LordCanti) #2

Did you check if your yoyo is responsive/has somthing in the bearing? I usually test my yoyo for this every other day usually by tugging the yoyo up to eye level or higher if it shoots back to your hand, your bearing is most likely messed up and you will most likely need to clean your bearing.