my bearing is doing something...not sure if bad

when going through some tricks sometimes I notice when I start to go faster the bearing will get louder mid spin. is that good or bad? does is affect anything?

When you say that you are going faster, do you mean when you are doing tricks, moving faster? Or do you mean you are throwing it stronger ie it spins faster.

Some bearings will have loud noises but after you play with it a while it will break in and should have a quieter or more consisted sound.

I do notice sometimes when I do my tricks faster that I will bump the Yoyo with my hand and it causes the axle to open up and hence causes the loud noise from the bearing in mid trick. And at first I thought the bearing went bad or maybe one of the Lil balls popped out. But I noticed the Yo was loose so I tighten it back up and it’s fine.

However I also had a case where a bearing I haven’t used in a while, and i started using it again and had the same issue like yours. Except mine would make a loud noise even while it’s just spinning. Initially it would not make any noise but probably with in the first few seconds you can hear it getting loud… I kept playing with it, thinking it will go away or maybe cus it’s been sitting. But it never went away, and the noise got worse, so I actually sent it back to YYE and they said one of the bearings was loose or not in it’s place and cleaning the bearing will not help.

Sometimes cleaning the bearing can help, specially if you play without the shields, the bearing gets dirtier quicker. but you should look into the ball bearings by taking off the shields. Also sometimes you can just add thin lube, specially if you clean it.

I am sure if you give us more specific details we will be able To help you out!!

lets see if I can get more descriptive

After throwing the yoyo and starting into a trick I start to go fast, when I am moving quickly sometimes the bearing will get louder than usual (as if it is spinning faster or grinding against the yoy I can’t tell which) and then when I catch and re throw it goes back to normal…

ok, if the bearing is not slowing down or if you don’t notice its slowing down when its making the noise then I think you are ok. So when you just do a regular throw its fine right? How old is the bearing? Do you think its still in the breaking in process? If its new then it probably is. Then give it more throw time.

You can look also look up pros and cons of Cleaning the bearing and lubing the bearing on this forum and figure out if thats something you might want to do. Sometimes it could be that the bearing is old or have been sitting too long and haven’t been played in a while (like in my case) and cleaning it would get rid of the old grease and dirt trapped in-between the ball bearings and then u can add like the tiniest bit of thin lube, after cleaning it. Btw adding thin lube might make it a bit responsive but if you keep throwing it, it will go back to unresponsive.

Right now if its new, i would probably keep playing with it. I would probably take the shields off it to see if that makes a difference, its personal preference really. And just do a quick eye check of the ball bearings, to make sure all the ball bearings are in the right place. I am not sure, but in high spins the bearings might make that noise if its grinding against each other, but it would slow down the spin. but then again if its new i wouldn’t worry.

Also you could use another bearing in the same yoyo and see if it makes the same noise. vice versa you can use that bearing in a different yoyo to see if it makes the same noise there.

If its not that loud and just a subtle difference only you notice, then I think you are fine.

It could be because you are going faster and multiple strings hitting the bearing faster causing the bearing to slow down and making that noise. just a thought.

oh and another thing everyone says, its usually the thrower and not the yoyo. (not saying that its you)
but if it happens only sometimes then i wouldn’t worry about it. If its consistent, like every throw then i would look into deeper.

If you are talking about the the sound literally getting louder when you’re moving the yoyo faster during string tricks, I believe that the increase in noise you’re hearing is the whirring of the bearing when you’re swinging the yoyo up in the air. I’ve noticed this with mine as well(especially if it isn’t quiet bearing to begin with) Due to the acoustic shape of each half of the yoyo it projects sound and gets louder when the yoyo is more level to your face/ears. Nothing to worry about. Try testing this by throwing a breakaway and letting it sleep, then grab the string and hold the yoyo at ear level.

Ok it’s several months old, so it’s not still breaking in. and think of it as a noise “A” and “B” it seems to go to noise “B” which is much louder…

Eh, it happens. Just deal with it. Tune it out (my preference), or play music to compete with the bearing sound.

Let the bearing do what it wants. Just do your trick. Bystanders or Judges won’t know if you don’t let them.

Or put Vaseline or Chapstik in the bearing. It will be quiet, but the yo-yo will be hard-tug-responsive.