northstar pulsating vibe

Sooo i got a northstar in a trade. The kid says it had a little more vibe than usual. Didnt bother me really so i went through with it. I get it and it has a pulsing vibe. Normally this kind of stuff doesnt bother me but this kind of does for some reason. I feel like it may affect play but probably not. Anyone got any suggestions?

Are the arrows lined up? You might want to just take the yoyo apart real fast and put it back together and see if you can find the “sweet spot”. YYF does this at the factory and then marks them.

Northstars are vibey sometimes. i have had 3. one was kinda smooth, all the others had a strong pulsating vibe.

No theyre about a half an inch apart

That may be your problem right there.

Mine is pretty smooth. Yeah, it vibes a little, but I expect that. Still plays great. I prefer this over my Protostar.

I shouldnt tighten it too far right? I dont want to strip it. Is there anyway i can get the arrows lined up?

Maybe twist in the other direction? It does get tight. You might just twist a little and play it and see if that’s helping things out. Keep doing this until you get the arrows lined up. A small bit of tape can help you track sides.

It doesnt vibe as much when i tighten it more. Im scared to tighten it any further. What do you mean twist in the other direction? Like loosen it? If i put it to where its barely tight t vibes really bad and gets better as i get the arrows closer. Im not sure if i understand your instructions to get the arrows aligned

If you’re twisting and tracking, you need to track sides to keep things in order. If you’re experimenting, you need to know which is your side that you’re referring the other one against.

Twist a bit more until the arrows line up. Yes, it can get very tight. Trust me on this one.

Ahhhhhhh i got it now. I pretty much got rid of the pulse. Thats all i care about. I had to go past the arrows a little. Its pretty smooth for a plastic now. Thank you so much!

Okay either your yoyo is off weights. Or I am thinking its loose i usually put a little strip of paper to cover my axle then screw it in and its perfectly smooth with no vibe bro :slight_smile: be creative try something


Read the comments.

He fixed it.