What are the arrows on the Protostar and Starlite

Question stated, curiosity. Cause they line up on my Proto but are waaaaaay off on my starlite. BUt my starlite has less vibe then my proto. I assume it has something to do with tuning but im not sure

You’re right. You match up the arrows to prevent tightening to little as well as overtightening. And that sounds odd.

The arrows are supposedly stamped on the yoyo when they assemble them and find the position where there is the least amount of vibe.

At least that’s what I’ve read from YYF directly.

Apparently contents can settle in shipping.

I feel like if i were to twist my star lite til the arrows line up that it would break, any ideas?

Don’t do it. :wink:

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Northstar, Plastic Grind Machine Dienasty and Counter attack have them too I think. It’s for vibe. ;)EDIT* they also after taking out the axel and screwing In, they don’t line up. If your over tightening to line them up then their off- line. Just screw until it’s tight.

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Ive noticed if you cant get em to line up take your axle out twist it once and put it back in until you get the right thread to line up, works on my PGM and starlite and starbrite