Protostar Tightness

I recently got a protostar and I love it! But I have a question about the arrows and over-tightning. Am I suppose to line the arrows up? Because I am trying to but, they’re about an inch away from each other and it is pretty stiff and I don’t want to go to far and break the yoyo. Should I just leave the arrows where they are, or am I just too paranoid and suppose to line up the arrows? Plz help.

Imagine that the arrows are not there and tighten it like any other yo-yo.

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the arrows lined up do not mean it is perfect. i like mine with arrows just a little forward

Protostars are a little weird like that. When I first got mine the arrows were lined up and it played fine (as expected out of the box) however soon after, I opened it up to put a little lube in what was the loudest yoyo in my collection. Then I put my yoyo back together and I found that trying to line up the arrows was, for all practical purposes, impossible.

In my few months of having my protostar and opening it for various reasons, my protostar has been under-tightened, overtightened, and right on the arrows, all of which worked just fine. From my experience I would think of the arrows more like guidelines.

Protostars can get difficult to tighten; I think the arrows are there more to prevent people from severely under-tightening their yoyos (as in a whole half-rotation from necessary) rather than requiring that the arrows be lined up for the yoyo to work properly.