ProtoStar problem

I just recently got a YYF ProtoStar and you are supposed to line up the arrows, but when I first unscrewed it to get out a knot, I took it out, and when I screwed it back together, when I tightened it I couldn’t line up the arrows. So I tightened it more and I tightened it all the way. But the arrows weren’t even close to lining up. So I loosened it and I aligned the arrows and it was not tightened firmly so if you jiggled the sides of the yoyo it would move a little bit. And there is to much vibration both ways. Any help? Thanks

it’s happen to my protostar too.
well, i just tightened as firm as it can. my protostar got tighten like 1/4 more than the arrow, and it’s plays ok.
just don’t over tighten it i guess.

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Thanks, but I accidently hurt the spacer so it’s now dented. But thank you so much.