Protostar Questions

On another topic I started I was recommended the Protostar. I have since done a little bit of research. I have the following questions:

Is it hard to get the arrows to line up? I heard there were over-tightening problems. If that happens it cracks. Is it possible to over tighten by just lining up the arrows?

Do the spacers cause problems in general? I heard they stick to the bearing. Is that true?

Is there a way to get to the bearing without messing up the spacers?

1: at first, the arrows line up perfectly, but over time they will start to not line up and you will go a bit tighter. That is when people overtighten. Just be careful, tighten responsibly.

2: the spacers stick to the bearing, and are a pain. But they come off if you do it right. I think it is totally worth it, as its a great plastic yoyo.

3: everything you do to the spacers is cosmetic and won’t effect play, don’t worry. And they are replaceable.

The spacers are not a problem if you don’t mess with them. I have never had a problem with the bearing, and the arrows do not have to fit exactly

Is it possible to super glue the seat to the yoyo so they don’t stick to they bearing?