Need help with my protostar


I just unscrewed my protostar and screwed it back together.
Now it vibes like crazy. I think its because the arrows aren’t pointing at each other.

How do i screw it together so both arrows pointing at each other?


Hey man, sorry for thread jacking, and sorry for not helping out, but if anyone could answer his question they could probably answer mine.

Where are these arrows that I keep hearing about?


No problem.
but the arrows are on the rims and when i got the yoyo they were pointing at each other.


Whaaat? I’m not seeing it, lol. Is it on the rim of the side of the yoyo, or on the actual rims? Sorry again, lol


like on the actual rims
maybe your protostar just doesn’t have them. or they got rubbed off or something.

I’ll try and find a pic to show you.

Edit: Cant seem to find a picture anywhere.

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If the arrows wont line up as you put it together, you’ll have to adjust your starting point. It may take a few tries, but you’ll get them to line up without over-tightening it.

Samad, if you look hard and can’t find the arrows, they must have rubbed off or yours just doesn’t have them. I assure you they exist.


The arrows are small and took me awhile to find them. they are about 1/8 to 1/4 inch from outer edge of rim.


what do you mean by starting point?

Is that where you start screwing in the other half?


Yes, like try to have the arrows lined up, then screw it together. Then adjust based on the result. Have the arrows an inch apart.etc.


Every time i use a different starting point the arrows still end up in the same place.

I don’t really care if the arrows aren’t pointing at each other i’m just curious if thats what’s causing the yoyo to vibe.

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Yes, that is the cause.


After reading this, I don’t think I’ll be picking up a Protostar. Sounds irritating.

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Don’t let this deter you, I have had zero issues with mine. It’s SO good.


Okay, lets clear this up.

The first batch of Protostars, batch number 3001, DOES NOT have the little black arrows on the rims. So Samad, if you Protostar is batch number 3001, it’s not supposed to have arrows.

The second batch, 3003(yes, I know, there is no 3002), has small black arrows painted on the rims to tell how much to screw your yoyo together.
As you can see, there’s two small black arrows on the rims of the green one.

The reason YYF added the arrows is because people were over-tightening and breaking their Protostars. This doesn’t nessicarily(spelling?) mean if you line up the arrows, it won’t vibe. You may still have to tighten or loosen your yoyo to get the vibe to stop.


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Thanks for clearing that up JUMP. I guess my Protostar just happens to be set up just the right way with the arrows together.


Yeah mine too. :o