My yeti is vibey.

Is it supposed to be? Only visible and on grinds. On the string its smooth as butter. I tried tuning with no luck.

Hmm. I would chime in, but I’m won’t be at my house for the next 2 weeks, so my Yeti is just sitting there… Is it just typical plastic vibe, or is it worse than normal?

Worse than rally or protostar… Like b grade PSG

Not uncommon. This is a straight out of the mold plastic. That being said it only has the CLYW vibe of days past, mine included. It gives the yo-yo character and does not effect the play at all. I am grooving on the play of my Yeti. :slight_smile:

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Mine should arrive in the next hour so ill tell you how mine plays

Give it a good tightening. I mean a good snug one. Don’t worry it will be ok. Did it to mine… Its not dead smooth but its better than some metals I have owned

What kind of vibe are we talking …

Like a tiny feel able vibe … I just can’t stand pulsing vibe that can be seen

nothing :frowning:

I can see it vibe. Ok on string grinds impossible.

Unscrew partially and rescrew it. If it still vibes, try again.

Sounds normal for a molded plastic. So don’t look at it.

Really, you’re lucky. If all my yoyos were like this, I would be thankful. :wink:

My throws always show no visible vibe but have some feel able vibe

Mine is vibey but you don’t see me complainin bout it. Typical plastic vibe.

I love mine and I can’t put this thing down!

Mine doesn’t even have typical plastic vibe, it is that slight CLYW vibe that everyone kvetched about with the Peak and others. It is nothing to complain about if it plays smooth as silk on the string then you got a great yoyo.

Here is the thing that everyone needs to remember. Yes, this is a CLYW yoyo but it is totally different than anything else they have done. This will not play like a CLYW metal because it is obviously NOT a CLYW metal. This is CLYW’s take on the molded plastic. It plays better than many of the other plastics on the market, included some of the machined delrins on the market. I would bet there are parts of the plastic where the glass particles in the resin have pooled heavier than other parts, this is a molded plastic after all.

Remember kids, a slight vibe gives a yoyo character. Now if a $150 metal has vibe, then you can complain like mad.

It’s a plastic… It would be weird if it didn’t vibe.

If it wobbles like Skrillex, then you’ve got a problem.

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I’ll buy it off you if its to much vibe :wink:

hahaha I love it. Mine doesn’t vibe unless I give a bad throw. Just like every other yoyo I own. I actually got a snag and tightened it back up loose and it seems to be playing fine. Maybe you over tightened it? All i have to say is this is a BA yoyo. My fav yoyos: 1. Chief, 2. Yeti, 3. Peak. I can see how someone traded a peak for one.

So much love for this line. Such an apt description. ;D

You never know. My Northstar and brand spankin new Protostar have the most annoying pulsing vibe. But I own 2 of each. One of each is normal but my newer ones pulse.

What’s Vibe?