Whats the vibe like on your yeti?

Just wonderin how mine fits in

Well, I have one of the first runs, so it has a vibe to it (on the finger nail test).

Honestly, I usually hate vibe, but the yeti almost feels good with the vibe. It really does give it character.

Haven’t noticed. I think its more my throwing of the yoyo than the yoyo itself.

When I I did the fingernail test, it was pretty darn smooth.

mine is pretty vibey…
it also didnt come with the stickers on the nipples


maybe its the normal amount of vibe…

i wish it was dead smooth cuz i love the yoyo itself but vibe really bugs me.

Didn’t come with the stickers? Contact CLYW

Shut up about it already. I’m OCD about vibe, very rarely can I not make a yoyo dead smooth. It you have to worry that much about vibe, then you really need to start throwing more. It doesn’t affect play at all. If you mean to tell me you use a plastic for grinds enough to really notice it, I say “do less grinds”. I personally think the tiny amount of vibe gives it character, and others seem to agree. So really, don’t be OCD about vibe. I hate that I’m like that to be honest. It wastes a lot of time that could be spent enjoying yoyo life.

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Give it to me if the vibe bugs you

I completely agree and have said most of the same thing. I am not OCD about vibe though. The only time I care about vibe is when I find it is affecting play. Most of the time, that can be traced back to something I did wrong. I do have a few yoyos that are documented as having vibe, but in my opinion, it doesn’t affect play to me. I’m not saying I want vibe, but I feel that a touch of vibe helps me feel the yoyo on the string and gives the yoyo a touch of character. Dead smooth is great too. If I can get dead smooth, then all the better.

What’s more important: Fun or obsessing about vibe?

My vote is for fun. I mean, aren’t we all playing this toy because we enjoy it?

Play more. Cry less. Live more.

If you didn’t prepare yourself for the possibility that your plastic yoyo could have a decent amount of vibe then you had unrealistic expectations going into your purchase, regardless of how much vibe someone else’s Yeti may or may not have.

…I have 5 Yeti’s - all of them play amazing.

Black - tiny acceptable vibe - not noticable on the string
Purple - tiny acceptable vibe - not noticable on the string
Blue - smooth
Grey - smooth
Khaki - dead smooth (like glass)

I’m more than happy with how these guys play for the amount I paid - I’d pay more as it happens!