Issue with my YYF ONE (Yoyo has a little bump)

You all know what string vibration is right?
Think of this (Just not as pronounced.)

Yes, I have string vibration when I throw my ONE. I know why, but I can’t locate the source of this why. My yoyo feels as if there was a little bump somewhere.
How do I know? Well, I throw it and (different from my dark magic) the string does not rest straigth, sometimes it vibes close to the lower end, as if some ghost was playing guitar. eerie music
(As I said, is not as pronounced as the image but you CAN notice this).

Anyways, as you let the yoyo die, you can actually FEEL and HEAR something awry. You can NOTICE it happens on each revolution (bump bump bump bump) and you can barely hear a small click at the precise moment you feel the bump and the string vibes. Of course, this click can be the result of the whole ballbearing jumping due to a bump located elsewhere.

At first I thought maybe the ballbearing was dirty so I removed it and used the “paper method” to clean it. I put it back, tried and had the same results.
Then I used compressed air, the ballbearing was spinning like crazy when I tried it on a pen, so I said “that’s it! :D”, I put it back in my ONE and obtained the same results as before.

Then… I told myself: “Myself, what if is not the ballbearing?”, so I picked up my WHIP and switched the aforementioned piece. The WHIP is responsive and has no vibe at all (and is quieter than the ONEever was) and the ONE is unresponsive and does NOT vibe… and is quieter than before ¬¬

So… anyone had this issue before, any suggestions?
I am going to keep this config, but it annoys me the fact that I am using the whip with the ONE stock Ballbearing considering it was originally meant to be an unresponsive yoyo :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanx for your attention :smiley:

[Updated to make the topic name a bit clear]

Remove the caps and see if you notice a difference.

Also, was your bearing tight or loose to the bearing seat?

You’ve proven it’s not the bearing.

I’ll try removing the caps.
The bearing was sit tight. I scre the two sides of my yoyo as tight as I can making sure I do not overtight them. :wink:

You think it is a matter of balance?

yeah like studio said, it’s probably some imperfection in the innards, take off the caps and see if you can find something.

On my ONE and one of my kids’ ONE,(both blue), the bearing is tight to the seat. On another kid’s ONE(black), it is NOT tight to the seat. They all play fine. These were bought I think in July of 2011.

I do think it’s a matter of balance. I also have to concede and state with caution that quality control on a $10 yoyo is probably not going to be as rigorous as that of a $100 yoyo. Note I’m not slamming YYF here. I have YYF products and will buy more(I don’t want YYF Ben coming down on me like a load of bricks). I’m just saying that I often find more problems in products sold at lower prices than products sold at higher prices. However, I’ve had expensive duds too. But I’m talking about non-yoyo stuff at the moment.

Don’t try to tighten it to death. You might have bent or caused the axle seat to shift. I do find this to be unlikely. I find I spin it closed, then give it a couple more twist attempts and it’s done. I don’t try to crank it down as hard as my pathetic muscles will let me, but rather just enough to let me know it’s on there nice and secure.

So, remove the caps and pog and try playing it that way. Also give it a nice hard, even throw. If you have to finger grind it to smooth it out, then do it. See if one side seems un-even or not parallel or misshaped. Then again, it could be something inside the bearing seat that you might be able to scrape or carve away. But, you may want to see about maybe returning it to the place of purchase or contacting YYF for more ideas. A little vibe is OK. It could also be your throw. Each yoyo requires a bit of a different finesse in the throw to get it nice, even and minimal vibe.

Thanx Studio42.
I’ll try this at home :slight_smile:

One thing I do remember from the time I changed the inner caps (to make it look different) is that I could see a little chunk of plastic protuding from the inner side of the yoyo (under the cap). I suppose it’s where the plastic is introduced in the mold (I hope I am making myself clear hehe).

That time I tried to use sand paper and a small plastic cutter (like those you use to cut your Warhammer miniatures from the frame) to make it even and smooth but it wasn’t as easy as I thought so I didn’t do much.

Somehow, I believe it’s a BB issue.
Right now, the thin BB is in my WHIP and while it feels ok I noticed when I cleaned it that the assembly of my ONE-BB does not feel as tight as my DarkMagic2-BB assembly. (Meaning the whole bearing is a bit loose, just a little tiny bit)

Still, just as you said, it’s prolly just the result of a not so strict QC; and the yoyo plays ok except when it’s dying and we all know a player should not let is yoyo die when performing tricks hehe.
Anyways, I’ll take pictures of my yoyo when I get home. I can’t promise but I’ll try to get a video to illustrate my point concerning the BB too (I hope my phone’s video is good enough).

Oh, I forgot to mention this: to add even more weirdness to the scenario.
When I switched bearings between my DM2 and my ONE (both using the thin bearing but switched between them) the ONE felt great, and the DM2 felt great, it was just a bit louder but that was all. The spin times were good and … well, I don’t know… the only thing that comes to my mind is that someone did some sort of witchery haha.

I’ll keep you updated :smiley:


One never knows in this overly litigious society we live in. I said something that could be construed as a negative against your product, but I didn’t want to catch flack for it. You seem cool online and I bet you are in person too. But, as I stated, I said something that could be potentially bad about a product. Just doing a bunch of CYA.

Just for clarity:
I have 10 YYF’s currently. I have 4 planned purchases of YYF metals at the moment. So, clearly I’m not anti-YYF.

I am admittedly more pro-YYJ. But, at the same point, if I see something wrong with a YYJ, I say so. And likewise towards any other brand.

The DM2 bearing seat is usually very loose. YYF bearing seats are normally on the snug to tight side. There are exceptions. I took my WHIP apart and the bearing fell right out. But, plastics vs. metal…(it’s super tight in my dv888)

It is sounding like it might be the ball bearing. If you have another slim or full sized bearing, it’s worth a shot.

Also, don’t worry about stuff like vibe and stability when it’s spinning down. They’ll all do that.

Wow, the string separated into harmonics.

Well, the question now is was that a type 8 or type 6 coming apart to generate the harmonics?

Well, go figure, Yesterday I decided to put the thin bearing back on my ONE just for the sake of it and guess what, it feels perfect. No bump or anything like it.
maybe it was some little mote of dust or some little corrosion that was removed with the cleaning and lubing… or maybe it was just witchery (as I said in a previous post).

I have to say (and maybe this is important) that I noticed in previous occasions a litle “dot” of plastic protuding from one of the walls of the gap, next to the silicone. it was super small but you could feel the thing if you slided your finger above it.
I decided to shave it with a single edge blade I had laying around and (/proud) left the surface smooth as my chin when I shave (and I’m darn good at shaving ;D)

It was right after doing it that I assembled back my yoyo and when I tried it… VOILA! it was perfect

Can’t assure you it was the cleaning. Can’t say either it was the removal of the imperfection and can’t say that the problem is not going to arise again… but as for today, the yoyo is playing great once more :smiley:

I don’t think the photos are necessary now, but I added them just to illustrate things from previous posts.

This is what I call “the inner walls” or “the walls of the gap”. The imperfection I mentioned in this post was located in the shiny spot of the first picture (now completelly smooth)

This are the “inner sides” of the yoyo. I know they are in fact the outer side of the yoyo but I mistakenly called them “inner side” 'cause they “inside the yoyo” (under the cap), the part circled in red is the imperfection I mentioned some posts above. Sadly they can’t be seen clearly in this photos :frowning: but if you have a ONE then you’ll understand what I mean.

Well, thanx for the help and your answers/advises/suggestions :D.
Yer all awesome lads! /dwarven accent.