bearing making yoyo vibrate!HELP

i’m using my yyj speed maker and i noticed the yoyo string was vibrateing like crazy!i went into a double or nothing took my finger and put my finger near my sounded like a cat in love!so i change the string.still vibrating.took the caps off.still vibrating.changed the vibration.any tips.i’ll accept any advice just don’t tell me to buy a new bearing or to put a different one on.thanks.

Try cleaning and slightly thin lubing the bearing.

So Lemme get this straight-the string is vibrating like crazy, and the yoyo isn’t?
And you changed the bearing and the vibrating stopped?
What is the purpose of this post if you answered your own question?

He wants to find out what caused the bearing vibration in the first place and if there’s a solution without getting a new bearing. Personally I think the answer is to buy a new bearing. If not, just follow Samad’s thread on cleaning your bearing and see if it still has a vibe. You can also try checking the bearing seat.

He said don’t tell me to buy a new bearing lol.
I know, just a mistake,
Just messin with ya


I was just messing with you…
I know its right…


Sometimes YYJ bearings do this. I think it’s 'cause the sheilds are crooked.

No it’s because the bearings aren’t fit tightley into the bearing seat which causes the familiar YYJ vibe.