Do you think?

Hey guys, I’ve been playing with my KK bearing for a couple of days now. I really like how the string is centered in the middle of the bearing and everything, but I’m having a little trouble getting used to binding more since it’s more unresponsive. A little to difficult I might add. So, my question for you guys, do you think I should keep the KK bearing in my yoyo and practice with it or take it out and put in my regular bearing that I do better with?

I think you’d be better off with the flat bearing. Simply because you should not count on a bearing to keep your string centered. Also if your binding isn’t that good then you should practise with what works to build your confidence.

Either way will be fine, but I agree with Icthus that you don’t want to rely on the Koncave for string centering. Some people like them, but as long as you have a good throw, you don’t need to worry about that. I didn’t think that improving your throw can center the string, but it truly can.

Ok, something has gone very wrong. I just replaced the KK bearing with the regular bearing and now the yoyo isn’t working probably. It only spins now for about 20 seconds, makes a very strange noise, and the string vibrates a lot when the yoyo is nearing spinning out. The bearing used to spin very, very freely. I made sure the bearing is really tight in also. Any suggestions?

Is it sort of a grinding noise? Have you checked to see if there’s anything in the bearing seat? Does it do the same thing when you put the Koncave back in?

When I put the KK bearing back in, it spins slight longer and doesn’t make the string vibrate when it’s starting to die out. But it still makes that strange noise the flat bearing made to. Like, the sound of the spinning of the bearing being out of place.

Does it sound like metal might be rubbing against metal? I had the same thing happen and I just put a drop of lube in and played with it. It evened out. Sounded bad for a little bit after the lube and then it was just fine.

It does. Alright, the bearing is probably the problem. What it does is, when I don’t spin it to a certain point, it reverses back to it’s original position. Like, a rev-up car. You know how you put it down, then pull it back, and you hear those “clicks”? It’s similar, with a rev-up car if you don’t pull it back until it “clicks” the tires will reverse back to it’s original position. Same with the bearing, except without the clicking. Do you think I should just put in some thin lube?

What do you mean when it doesn’t spin to a certain point?

I believe that Andre uses a KK… Does that mean he shouldn’t? I use a KK just because its really smooth.

Clean and lube your bearing. There’s really no need to know the exact sounds and such. WE know that there’s something wrong with the bearing. Give it a good clean and add some lube, and you should be good to go.