My KonKave Bearing Does Not Spin!!!

I ordered a Size C Konkave Bearing for My Dark Magic. When i received it i put it on my yo yo but usually if you flick it would make a loud spinning sound. Well, when i did that, nothing happend. So I went on putting my yoyo together. I threw it down. IT ONLY SLEPT FOR LIKE 2 SECONDS! I replaced it with the old bearing and it spun for like 2 min!

Break it in.

Should have just kept the old bearing.

But, since you’re now out $15, might as well help you out.

What you need to do is Clean You Bearing.

Or, you can be really cool, and break it in manually. Because bearings come with all of this lube and such inside of them that we don’t really like. If you just use the yoyo alot, then all the stuff will start to break down. Its healthier for you bearing to do this, actually.

And don’t ask how long it’ll take to break in. Depends upon how often you play, for how long, the length of tricks, how hard you throw, etc. You’ll know it when it happens.

i could imagine, the bearing wasn’t oiled at all and the balls became rusty.

i would clean and lube it, try it out

good luck

put your koncave in a different yoyo and try it out because maybe you put the bearing in the wrong way

How would you put it in the wrong way?