Bearing Questions...

i read some threads here, and i read that “you need to BROKE/BREAK the bearing”.
what does it mean?

and how to make the string always at the center of the bearing??? (my yoyo is a speedmaker)
because i saw a yoyo (i think that is a noctu), it has a line in the center of the bearing, i think
that is the line who makes the string maintain in the center of the bearing. am i right?

and another thing, does the o-ring response is maintainable? i mean you will often change it/or can be peel-off because it is too old enough and time to change another o-ring? am i right? :slight_smile:

please help!

To break in a bearing generally means to wear the lubrication in, and to allow it to spin longer. Generally, bearings have some lubrication in them, so when you break it in and make the lube thinner, the yoyo bearing will be able to spin longer, and will play more unresponsive.

The easiest way to keep the bearing centered is to have a straight throw. If you throw straight, and hard, the string will stay in the center of the bearing and will be more effective.

However, the most effective way is to use a KonKave bearing. This is a bearing that is inclined in the middle and sort of has a “ridge” Because of this, the string will stay in the center no matter what, keeping your throws straight anyway. I think this was what you were talking about, but it is not found on the Notcu. Here is a picture of the KonKave bearing:

Also, the O-Ring response doesn’t usually need to be maintained. You can take it off easily, but you won’t really need to change the O-Rings off and change them. You can if you want, but it isnt necessary. In my experience, I haven’t ever had to change an O-Ring at all.

ahh. so that is “break” the bearing, thank’s Samad!
now how to break a bearing? ;D Do you have a video that demonstrating it?

All you really have to do to break in the bearing is play with it a lot :wink:

yup,you can also clean it but it plays better when not cleaned IMO.

what’s IMO?
sorry, i can’t understand :slight_smile:

it means, “in my opinion” sort of a internet slang or just a short for that

Ya,its just short