Bearing breaking in???


I have heard allot about breaking a bearing in.

What does it mean?

How do you do it?

How often does it happen to a yoyo?

Does it happen every time you do something to your yoyo?



czyoyo :wink:

Well, in a ball bearing there are little metal balls inside of it. Usually 8 (10 if you have a 10ball bearing). The balls may not be completly rounded our perfect. When someone says they are breaking in a bearing they are working those balls and getting them smoother. You break in your bearing by simply playing with it. When you hear your yoyo making screeching sound, that means the balls are getting grinding against the bearing and getting smoother. This is normal and happens to every bearing. Breaking in a bearing is just for your bearing, so this doesn’t happen every time you do something to your yoyo.

I hoped this helped!

also happens when you put lube in it. breaking in can be done many times

so, there are two different kinds of break in a bearing one is just kind of wearing the lube off a little and the other is a new bearing when the balls grind and become smooth.

when the balls become smooth and grind does it get responsive and non responsive while you are yoing? ???

czyoyo :wink:

depends on the yo but most bearings are semi responsive (usually the yo thats responsive) and when the bearing is broken in the bearing is non responsive just not the yo if that makes since?

sort of, :wink:

I have a MVP and a 888 that are going back and forth from nonresponsive to responsive.

could this be the bearings breaking in? ???

breaking in should actually be improvement. if it is going responsive then your bearing is no longer smoothing itself out but instead eating itself up.

which is really bad put some thin lube if that ever happens

i thought you were saying not to put thin lube :stuck_out_tongue:

yes but if the bearing is eating itself up eventualy it will destroy itself so put thin lube it will make it live longer but no in ecxess
i only put thin lube 1 every 2 months in my yoyos it keeps the bearing clean but at the same time it will live longer get it? :smiley: